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    Question Regarding OJT For Over 1-2 years

    Hello Guys. Just wanted to ask a question so I can find out what my options are.  I was AVN for 2 years and Vtech Res for 1 year and now I'm am back in the airforce. I was brought as this trade to start my course, But it has been canceled 7 times and now is being canceled again. I have been on...

    PH TECH anyone here??

    Just curious been in for 12 months now on OJT awaiting my 3's course in gagetown. Just wondering if there are any PH TECH's on here i know the trade is small roughly 100 last time i heard. Josh

    Camelbak. Where to purchase?

    Ive asked a few guys around and they tell me you only get it on deployment. Ive seen a few guys running around with them. Ive looked on here and CP gear.Ive googled it, Where else is it availble to buy ? (Moderator edit to correct spelling of "Camelbak" in thread title.)

    TV Contents

    Hey Guys Curious doing the BFT soon just curious what should be in the TV . I work for BCE and not alot of people to pick there brains there. Can anyone shed some ideas. Im curious to the side pouches to the rear 7L pack. I had a kit list 2 years ago but can not find it.

    Question here for Officer or NCM or with millitary experience.

    Well I am not sure how to address this but here it goes. I enrolled in the CF as a Reg force NCM as a AVN tech in 2004 I started my course but then was pulled off course and so forth and was getting pushed around I had no millitary experience so the trades they offered me i refused and I took a...

    LF: Applet PTE no Hook or with hook Air force Bluse with ENGINEERS in BLUE

    Ive seen a few around base petawawa. Im looking for the AIR FORCE blue Applet that says ENGINEERS in blue no hook PTE or one hook. Can anyone help me Ive been to the 2 SVC BN supply and they just look at me weird when i aske for it. Ive seen 4-5 now on base

    I have recieved my offer PH TECH question in side regards

    I was in the reg force before for 2 years I got out and i have been a reserviest for 1 year and bit. Now they gave me my offer how do i got about getting the grand father claws To get back on the IE 20 and also pay back into my pension from before?

    Tak Vest Question regards to helmet clip to tak vest

    Had a question. hooking the helmet onto the tak vest can be a pain in the butt. So I put a female clip on my tak vest in the center above the bannet holder and a Male clip on the back of the helmet. Is this allowable in the CF??

    CLASS B question about pay

    Im curious while on a class B you are paid for 14 days a pay or 15. Curious as to what i will be making as a P3 anyone?
  10. JDMCRX

    PH techs 646 Question Inside

    Im currently looking at PH TECH is there anyone here that can give me some assistance as to what they do and so forth? Josh