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  1. formerarmybrat23

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Does anyone have a link to a map of all the PLD areas.........ie one that brakes down exactly were Toronto Area 1 2 and 3 are? I'm searching for a mbr and its making me crazy!
  2. formerarmybrat23

    Pte Brat ---------------> Cpl Brat

    no known as Cpl Brat......thank you CoC for the advance!
  3. formerarmybrat23

    Engineer Songs

    pardon my spelling!  ::)
  4. formerarmybrat23

    What book are you reading now?

    im reading Empty Casing right now. I have heard alot about it and am enjoying it so far. Im switching between that and Last Man Out (book and the springhill mine disaster). I recommend them both
  5. formerarmybrat23

    Engineer Songs

    i have seen alot of different versions on the internet depending on the country. The american's have their own, and ofcourse the britian and canadians are very similar. I like a new version I saw on Youtube. the 36th royal engineers have a modern twist to it, and it seems that much funnier with...
  6. formerarmybrat23

    Eligibility date for free R & Q due to marriage?

    Ah PRETC.......they love to do this to people. date of COS should make no difference shes married and therefore must now support another person and a home. Im not sure of the exact references but i will search the qr&o's and other texts tomorrow at work. if she submits a memo with the references...
  7. formerarmybrat23

    WANTED: CR , and Claims handouts

    if anyone knows where i can find the QL3 RMS clk handouts for CR and Claims, or can even get a hold of the powerpoints i would be so grateful.  I threw mine out when i was cleaning my desk after course and have been kicking myself since thanks!
  8. formerarmybrat23

    Borden Thread- Merged

    I've been in borden on course since my basic 6 months ago. And the nickname CFB Bordom is true. It can get pretty dull here. Barrie is the closest place for fun and being only an hour form Toronto doesnt hurt either. You will like it here, I guess it is all in who you hang out with. Having good...
  9. formerarmybrat23

    Formerarmybrat23s story: Just say "no" kids!

    So I am off to Gagetown! I'm so excited to be headed back home after 4 years away. It will be like living in a whole other town now that I will actually have money to spend. Can't wait to get down there. I'm stressed about the move, but hopefully it will go pretty smoothly. I have alot to do...
  10. formerarmybrat23

    March 2008 CPGear Contest: War Stories

    it looks like the gateway in oromocto. believe it or not this wouldn't raise many eyebrows.  good picture though. that place is crazy in the mornings anyways!
  11. formerarmybrat23

    Formerarmybrat23s story: Just say "no" kids!

    well its been a long time. I have been so busy since getting in, that I have not had the time to update at all. Basic in Borden was a blast, and from what I have heard easier then St. Jean. But It was all good times with lots of stories and people I will never forget. Anyone who gets lucky...
  12. formerarmybrat23

    Request your reaction to new website

    i got  a bad feeling about this one. why would they require personal info such as service #, unit,  rank and year of enrollment? why dont i just hand over my sin # and visas too  ::) ? does this strike anyone as strange?
  13. formerarmybrat23

    Injured recruits misdiagnosed then dropped by military

    I dont think raising the express standards or pre testing is necessary. Truth be told if pre testing exisited I would not have gotten to basic for some time. After having my son I was about 20 pnds over weight. By the end (thank you psp) I surpassed the express test standards and lost 15 pds...
  14. formerarmybrat23


    hey. I am in week 3 now of my RMS QL3's. It is not a bad course. The work load so fair has been fair. All of our answers are given to us. We just need to know where to find our information and then "pay attention to detail" when filling out the forms. Sitting in the class can be pretty boring...
  15. formerarmybrat23

    BMQ September 2007 - ALL locations Thread

    I have such horrible nerves. The closer it gets to leaving time the more sick I feel. I've also had to cold for the past week. I have everything sorted out. I'm just cleaning the house and going to be packing the night before. Anyone else freaked out? I know that people are going to write "calm...
  16. formerarmybrat23

    The Package.

    Ok i've heard of this secturity form that everyone has got to re-fill out. I never recieved a second one. And in my final package is just a copy of the one I already did.  I'm going to assume that they wouldn't send me off without the necessary papers........
  17. formerarmybrat23

    Thee Chuck Norris Thread

    i love this stuff! best laugh on here in a long time!
  18. formerarmybrat23

    Army Songs

    I'm glad this came up. I was doing searches last night trying to find songs or, at the very least, lyrics to army songs. I mostly found just poetry, and finding specifically canadian songs wasn't easy. Anyone have any links?
  19. formerarmybrat23

    Question about Military Quotes

    I'm pretty bad for restarting old threads, but it would have been basically the same question. Is it possible to change the quote search so that  you can search by the number of the quote. I'd like to view the newest quotes added but dont want to sit there and click next quote forever.