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  1. navymich

    Potential Education Reimbursement Funding Restriction FY 13/14

    And yet another "potential" cut of funding.  I just received this email regarding my current active ILP:
  2. navymich

    Contractor recommendations

    The conversation in this thread made me think of starting this topic. With all of the moving around that CF members do, and all the want/need for renovations (not all of us are do-it-yourselfers), recommendations for contractors will certainly help the process.  And I'm sure that others have...
  3. navymich

    AO FB credits?

    I just had an ad come up on the side of my FB while playing AO.  When I clicked on it, it was about a special on Facebook credits that could be used in AO.  But I haven't seen anything on here about it, and there doesn't appear to be anything on the game itself. Wondering if there is something...
  4. navymich

    What's YOUR Birthday Song?

    Time for something new (I don't recall seeing a thread like this yet?) Go to this site: http://www.joshhosler.biz/ Figure out what the song was for your birthdate.  Find a video and post it (without shame!) Mine is Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMWnMbQeWlg
  5. navymich

    Platoon? Troop?

    Was bored and decided to look at my stats in the Trg tab.  Saw a whole bunch of "army men" symbols with labels such as platoon, troop etc.  They are all at Level 1:0%.  I went into QM, and none of them are available to purchase.  And I didn't see any of them in any mission either. Did I miss a...
  6. navymich

    Facebook Rants

    I've grumbled a bit about some of the changes that FB insists are better for us, but for the most part, I just trudge along silently accepting what they dish out.  Most of it hasn't been too awful and soon becomes the norm.  Until today.... What is up with the update News Feed?  What gives FB...
  7. navymich

    Almost a year....

    Ok Mike, we are about a month out from being a year with AO (amazing how fast a year passes when you’re hooked on an addiction!)  I’m sure your mind has already been ticking away some great thoughts on how to celebrate, right?  Need some more ideas?? How about draws: entries for every day...
  8. navymich

    Happy 6 months!

    Where has the time gone?  The game has been online for 6 months.  Some people have earned their Level 5 "Consecutive Days Played" medal today with a grand total of 180 days in a row played!!  I'm at 179, but hey, it's only another day!! As much as I sometimes curse your name for making such...
  9. navymich

    Secure vs. Regular connection

    The newest copy and paste on FB is regarding secure connections: I looked at my settings and changed it to the secure.  Seemed simple enough to me.  Until I clicked on the link for AO and got this message: So do I keep switching back and forth?  Am I safe to leave this on regular...
  10. navymich

    Doctor charged in sex assault has military ties

    CANADA NEWS Doctor charged in sex assault has military ties 22/02/2011 8:02:59 PM CBC News One of the doctors charged last week with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in downtown Toronto hotel is a long-serving member of the Canadian military, CBC News has learned. Dr. Amitabh Chauhan...
  11. navymich

    Holiday 2010 - Rants

    Like it or not, that certain day is fast approaching.  Or rather, that "season" as it seems to have turned into.  I am not typically a Grinch, but there are always times each year when I am ready to hide in a corner and skip it all.  Here is everyone's place to rant on this year's events.  (I...
  12. navymich

    Merit Point Purchase!

    Hey folks!  Want to get that edge up in AO?  Can't seem to reach that daily goal you want?  Itching to level up so you can get some merit points but it just isn't working for you?  What would you say if you found out that you could BUY Merit Points?  That's right, I said BUY! Mike has...
  13. navymich

    CNC Commemorative Medallion

    I received an email from a friend of mine in Ottawa passing on information regarding a Naval Anniversary Memento that is available to be ordered. Here is the link for more information:  http://www.afpp-international.com/nam/
  14. navymich

    What is your mission streak?

    Curiosity (plus time on my hands waiting for regen!).  Where do you stand? Successful Missions: 603 (95%) Successful Mission Streak: 106 Missions Failed: 27 (4%) Failed Mission Streak: 3 Total Missions: 630
  15. navymich

    Can you say Addicted?!

    Thanks Mike!  (and yes, there may be some sarcasm in there  ;) ) I haven't been on the site here for awhile.  Drifted away while I was on tour and just never picked up where I left off.  That is until I saw your wall posts about increasing in rank in the game.  Had to check it out.  Luckily I...
  16. navymich

    Subscriber Status Board Question

    Was playing around today and found some new fun with status' on FB.  Tried it out here and it works (look at my status underneath my name if you're not sure what I might be talking about.)  However, when I look on the forum homepage at the 'Subscriber Status Board', I see: I don't profess to...
  17. navymich

    "View recent posts" link missing?

    Is it just me, or is anyone else having this problem?  I do not have the "view recent posts" and "view topics" or whatever the wording is of the two of them, on my screen.  I have the menu choices "home, help, search etc" and right below it is "orderly room>milnet.ca admin".  But that's it. ...
  18. navymich

    airmich ---> mudhut mich

    Thought a name change was due given my current living and working conditions! 
  19. navymich

    Snow already?? It's only 3 Oct!!

    Was just chatting with friends back home in North Bay and found out that it is SNOWING there!!  Got out of that area just in time! I do feel for them....honestly...well, a bit...maybe....okay...NOPE!!  :rofl:
  20. navymich

    Today in Military History - wrong date?

    Just noticed on the home page that the "Today in Military History" is showing date and details for 2 Oct.  However, when you view the calendar, it has 3 Oct highlighted.  Is it programmed to switch over at a specific time?  (knowing my luck, it will switch over after I post this and everyone...