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    CANFORGEN 168/21- New 'Inclusion' and the performance appraisal process

    This recently came out, and requires 2 lines on 'inclusion' in the PER for members. Apparently, after going thru all that PaCE trg, next PER will be using the old system/way, and not the proposed new way. Anyone able to expand on the 'inclusion' requirement please?
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    Injury form procedure with Civvie/public servant CoC

    Member got injured doing PT away from work (people still WFH). CF98 & 663 has been completed, submitted to CoC (civvies) Question: What does the CoC & mbr have to do next??? TIA
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    Ottawa..places to get Mess Kit rank changed (apart from Andrei the Taylor)

    Good day all, I am looking to have mess kit rank changed. Any places in the Nepean (woodroffe, greenbank, west hunt club areas) that you know of please?
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    MS Teams for Training Videos

    Hi all.....in light of the status quo. Do any of you use MS Teams to record training videos, and how do you share it afterwards with folks outside your Unit, and up to what level is allowed for discussion on MS Teams? Additionally, can someone please confirm the procedure for sending docs/files...
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    Linemen Services Required, Ottawa West

    Good evening friends, I'm one of the many heading to Ottawa this APS. I'm looking for a Linemen or people with the skillset, that can help re-route the ISP provided line to the house, to other areas that will need to be hard wired i.e. 2nd floor and basement. We prefer to be 'hard wired' vice...
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    Wanted Anyone Have a New-ish/ Modern House (2 bed) For Rent in Barrhaven?

    Hi all.....anyone have or know of mbrs who might be looking to rent out their house this coming APS? Looking for a modern detached / Townhome in a subdivision to rent closer to stores and high schools. Budget is 2k max/month Cheers