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    Ivan Henderson of the Wizards Den passes away

    Ivan Henderson of the Wizards Den passes away. https://www.pembroketoday.ca/2021/09/30/obituary-for-ivan-henderson/
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    Cpl A.J. Ozon

    Good Day to all; I am trying to find Cpl A.J. Ozon. He was posted to Petawawa at the same time I was back in the mid 90's. He suffered a brain aneurysm just a week after finishing the Ottawa marathon. If anyone can fill me in or put me in contact with him that would be great. :salute: Andrew McLean
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    Honours and Awards (Star of Courage)

    http://www.gg.ca/media/doc.asp?lang=e&DocID=5664 Well deserved Star of Courage for Dave and Dwayne. Great work gents. :salute: :cdn: :cheers:
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    Soldier On Sports Recovery/Rehabilitation Fund

    Good Day to all; My name is Sgt Andrew McLean and I am a SAR TECH stationed in Winnipeg with 435 Sqn. I am also a former member of the 1st BAT. Royal Canadian Regiment. I am writing this post to let you all know about a program that is being worked on by the Canadian Paralympic Committee...