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  1. Lerch

    Admin panel for FPV

    This may have been discussed in the past but for such a niche item sources are always changing. So anyway, before I go bugging the Mat Techs, is there anyone making a good admin panel for the FPV? The only options I can see so far are CPGear or trying to swap my vest for a new one and getting...
  2. Lerch

    WTS - Various Kit (Eagle, CPGear, etc..)

    I've got the following kit just sitting in my basement. All prices are OBO! Eagle Industries LE Chest Rig - $45 -Foliage Green -Both shoulder straps now are releasable -I put a foam layer inside. Pantac Battle Belt - $30 -Foliage Green -Size Large Eagle Industries Radio Pouch - $15 -Olive...
  3. Lerch

    FS: 1964 Pattern Cargo Pack

    1964 Pattern Cargo Pack It's got two basic shoulder straps and buckles, a mesh padded back, one large compartment with fly closure, two exterior pockets with fly closure, one smaller compartment on the bottom with a zipper and fly closure, and what looks to be a carry strap from one side to...
  4. Lerch

    Help ID this pack

    Does anybody recognize this pack? It's got two basic shoulder straps and buckles, a mesh padded back, one large compartment with fly closure, two exterior pockets with fly closure, one smaller compartment on the bottom with a zipper and fly closure, and what looks to be a carry strap from...
  5. Lerch

    Mystery Ranch/Camelbak Scorpius

    [pictured on the right] Mystery Ranch/Camelbak Scorpius This is the military version of Mystery Ranch's G7000 pack, holds about 115L and weighs about 9lb. It comes with a Medium yoke and Medium belt, plus the daypack lid (which I've sewn a 2x3 velcro patch onto). Includes alot of the Mystery...
  6. Lerch

    Mystery Ranch/Camelbak Crewcab and NICE frame

    Back in...July I think...I scored a Mystery Ranch/Camelbak Crewcab and NICE frame in black. Shortly after, with intentions of using the frame with a 64 bag, I sprayed it down to make it less "black". Also one of the shoulder strap buckles had cracked so I replaced that with a surface-mount ITW...
  7. Lerch

    AC Op info

    posting this for a friend i am interested in OT-ing to AC Op and i have many questions 1. what is day to day routine like 2. what is the occupational training like 3. how often are member posted 4. how often are tours 5. where are posting to after occupational training
  8. Lerch

    Samsung Blu-ray Soundbar Stereo

    Model - HT-BD8200  I bought it before the summer on impulse, never really found a place to use it, so I'm cleaning house now.  Comes with the wall mount and base.  http://www.trustedreviews.com/Samsung-HT-BD8200-Blu-ray-Soundbar_Surround-Sound-System_review  Price is $600 OBO
  9. Lerch

    FS: Eagle Industries DFLCS Pack

    This is the Multi-Mission Pack made for the DFLCS collection from Eagle Industries. The sale is just for the pack, no pouches or patches. From the website; Internal capacity is approx. 31 litres. PRICE = $170 OBO
  10. Lerch

    WTS: Dropzone Recce Smock XL

    I have for sale a CADPAT Dropzone Recce Smock in XL. I picked it up second hand three years back and its been my favorite field kit since. Reason I'm selling is because I'm gonna be ordering one custom sized, so your gain. Some details; -previous owner tailored it with foliage loops over the...
  11. Lerch

    FS - Bastardized Jump Rucks

    I've got two rucksacks in my basement; First one is on an ALICE frame, with ALICE hip pad and shoulder straps and a P64 main bag. It needs a back pad and valice straps (or A7A). Second one is on a P64 frame, with ALICE hip pad, P82 yoke and a P64 main bag. It needs valice straps (or A7A)...
  12. Lerch

    FS - DZ Watch Cap (CADPAT)

    $18 Dropzone Watch Cap (CADPAT) - Used ~Issued fleece CADPAT ~Worn once or twice ~One size fits all ~Click here for more *If you have a tan or olive wool watch cap, let me know*
  13. Lerch

    FS - CADPAT whatnot...

    So in two weeks, I'm clearing out my closet of my CADPAT collection, and I'll be posting an Army friendly list of what I have to offer (I'm sure MikeL can tell you what I mean). Prices are negotiable. So first up; Custom made CADPAT '64 Pattern Rucksack Bought this last year from a bloke on...
  14. Lerch

    Arctic Tent instructions

    Here's my situation. My cadets have a winter survival exercise in two weeks, and I've just been notified that we'll be getting the Arctic Tents as part of our support. Now, I have no experience with these tents, and I've only ever seen them in the CHAP videos from when I was a cadet. I'm going...
  15. Lerch

    For Sale - Locker Cleanout *good gear for CHEAP*

    $5 CF Issue Laundry Bag - The drawstring is broken, but the bag can still be used for scrim nets, etc.. $2.50 DPM Corporal Rank-slide $2.50 No2 Corporal Rank Badge $5 CF Issue OD Brassard - Includes maple leaf sewn on $1 Warrant Officer Rank Badge (x2) [SOLD] $1 Regimental Cap Badge - For...
  16. Lerch

    FS - S90 Longback Bergen - Good cond.

    I have a genuine UK issue S90 Longback Bergen. It is what all the new hiker backpacks are based on. -One main compartment (100 litres in this case) with an elasticated flap and an internal frame. -The sides have zippers and buckles so you can attach additional pouches (not included) aswell as...
  17. Lerch

    OP: Cougar Salvo

    Obviously the application date has passed since it's next weekend. Here's what I've gathered (from my papers). From the 11th to 14th, 60 or so cadets from BC will be going to Vernon and then Kamloops to visit 39 Canadian Brigade Group's Exercise Cougar Salvo. We have been expressly told 'no...
  18. Lerch

    re-proofing Goretex

    So as some may know, Goretex wears out after use and loses it's proofing. Does anyone know how to re-proof jackets, etc..? I've heard there were chemicals that you put in while washing, but I'm not sure.