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  1. AJFitzpatrick

    " Lost " WWI Battlefield Cemetery CA40 recovery and clearance fundraising campaign

    "Cemetery CA40 was made right after the battle and contained 44 Soldiers of The 16th Canadian Infantry, The Canadian Scottish, killed on Vimy Ridge, April 9th, 1917, including William Milne, VC. it was supposed to have been concentrated into another War Cemetery close-by, but clearly this never...
  2. AJFitzpatrick

    French World War One bedroom of soldier who never returned

    "The bedroom of a World War One soldier, killed on the battlefield almost a century ago, has been kept virtually untouched by successive owners of the house up to the present day." http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-29740037
  3. AJFitzpatrick

    WW1 Canadian soldiers' remains identified

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ww1-canadian-soldiers-remains-identified-1.2779824 "Nearly a century after they died in battle, the remains of unidentified Canadian soldiers who fought in the First World War are still being found in Europe. Today the Department of National Defence is announcing...
  4. AJFitzpatrick

    WWI: Moustaches and Generalship

    Inspired by http://army.ca/forums/threads/115753.0.html and general whimsy Moustache rating from Wikipedia image, Generalship rating: me (feel free to re-rate) 1. Arthur Currie: No Moustache : High Rate 2. Hugh Gough: Pencil Moustache: Omnishambles 3. Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck: Soup...
  5. AJFitzpatrick

    Mettrum ad ? appropriateness

    Just wondering if the Mettrum ad for medicinal marihuana had gone through any kind of a review process before going up? While I have no problem with it either way, it may strike some as contradictory to the drug policies of the Canadian Armed forces.
  6. AJFitzpatrick

    WW II bomb fears force closure of B.C. beach

    Just in time for the May long weekend "Part of Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island has been closed to the public because bombs left over from the Second World War might be buried in the sand."...
  7. AJFitzpatrick

    Tank made from over 5,000 egg boxes

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/tank-made-from-5000-egg-cartons-682989 "Sculptor Stuart Murdoch utilised 26 litres of glue, over 10,000 nails, 15 litres of paint, 80 square metres of steel and 5,013 staples to create the piece, taking three weeks to complete it."
  8. AJFitzpatrick

    Currie as Field Marshal?

    Not Canadian Army Field Marshal ? {nitpickers note below} (yes I know that rank doesn't exist anymore nor has there ever been a Canadian Field Marshal or even if it ever theoretically existed .... Currie may have gotten it had WWI lasted 6 months longer)
  9. AJFitzpatrick

    of possible Interest: Rambo Bridge

  10. AJFitzpatrick

    Member Discpline Subforum status

    I'll admit I read it for giggles but has the member discipline sub forum disappeared?
  11. AJFitzpatrick

    Reputed counter-terrorism expert pleads guilty

    "Lecturer William G. Hillar entranced audiences as a globe-trotting, highly trained, retired Green Beret colonel whose attempt to rescue his daughter from kidnappers inspired the hit movie, “Taken.” But it was not really his life, it was all lies. Hillar, 66, of Millersville, Md., pleaded...
  12. AJFitzpatrick


    Mods: Please free to move as appropriate This might of interest to some From Geological Society of America Annual Meeting: Paper 255-3 SOLDIER-GEOLOGIST HYBRID: PART OF AN INNOVATIVE U.S. ARMY COUNTERINSURGENCY METHOD IN AFGHANISTAN STEWART, Alexander K., Department of Geology, St. Lawrence...
  13. AJFitzpatrick

    Peacekeeping equivalents to Battle Honours, split from Re: Battle Honours and Colours question

    Just to throw something else into the mix. I wonder if "peacekeeping" operations are ever going to be become "battle" honours.
  14. AJFitzpatrick

    The RCR vs. The RRC, split from Re: 125th Anniversary of The RCD and The RCR - 2008

    With due respect to the two regiments: Is there a rationale for having The Royal Canadian Regiment and The Royal Regiment of Canada Thank You
  15. AJFitzpatrick

    Field Dressings : Is there any expiry?

    Some time ago I bought some surplus field dressings, Now I am wondering if they ever "expire"?
  16. AJFitzpatrick

    The Arena not being built at CFB Kingston

    Not sure if this the right spot for this. Feel free to move. I am wondering if there is any publicly available documentation regarding the rationale for the decision to not build a 2nd ice surface at CFB Kingston in association with Queen's University. Not saying it is a bad decision just...
  17. AJFitzpatrick

    Budget cuts hurt veteran's 'gold diggers' fight

    If this is the wrong forum for this please feel free to move to where it is appropriate. Budget cuts hurt veteran's 'gold diggers' fight Seems to be two separate issues here 1) The pension issue 2) The government funding challenges to the government I have no competency in the first issue but...