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  1. OTR1

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Excerpt from follow-up report in Australian Aviation site (credible) follows. BTW Butterworth ceased to be a RAAF base quite some years years ago, although dets still swing through, and whatnot. Very little RAAF kit and kaboodle there, and most of the few pers around are HVA folks. Won't be...
  2. OTR1

    UK's new Type 26 Frigates to be built in Scotland

    According to the Daily Mail the T26 frigate can do Mach 3.  ;D
  3. OTR1

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    Oh, just give the powers-that-be a chance............ Once upon a time I thought nothing - repeat, nothing - would top the USAF tanker project for weapons-grade dumbity, but I hereby happily concede that I was just a tad premature in that judgment.
  4. OTR1

    Australian Defence Policy satire

    Single-ship deployments end in second half of next year, although unknown what plans are in place for CTF150 commitments, et al.
  5. OTR1

    Australian Defence Policy satire

    Not bad! Even more food for thought is the fact that RAN just shoved its first task group on patrol since most people in this forum were born. The last was Indian Ocean Deployment 1980, when a mate of mine went for an unscheduled swim from his Skyhawk when the carrier catapult went u/s. Now...
  6. OTR1

    Australia to build new naval fleet with $65 Billion Package

    The official shipbuilding plan and industrial policy was announced by the gov't the other day. By my reading of several sources, it's pretty good. At last, an end to stop/start/stop/start production and too many yards scrambling for insufficient work to maintain critical mass. First, a very...
  7. OTR1

    RNZAF issues RFI for new transport, surveillance aircraft

    Official Bolt From The Blue TM Kiwi govt has asked US about buying four P-8s. Talking about being knocked over by a feather...... :o
  8. OTR1

    'MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS': US drops massive bomb in Afghanistan

    Pentagon has released a vide, here - https://youtu.be/mVihLVKkLyY
  9. OTR1

    Discovery red air goes south

    Tried to find an extant thread re Discovery but nothing came up. Admin, please move this to such a place if you know of one! A good mate of mine is driving Lears for AA, and having a blast. We spoke some time ago about contracting offshore red air for domestic RAAF support, but uniforms and...
  10. OTR1

    "The Future of Allied Air Power: The Royal Australian Air Force" - DRDC

    RAAF F-35s hit homeplate at Amberley for the first time. This worth watching (just over 2mins) - https://youtu.be/ksHcfnQB3Ws
  11. OTR1

    US Presidential Election 2020

    Funnily enough, the Swedish govt has no idea of what he's talking about, and has requested clarification. For those who aren't up to speed on this, Trump claimed that there had been a terrorist attack in Sweden. He possibly meant Sehwan, a mere 3270 miles from Stockholm. In Pakistan.
  12. OTR1

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    Well said, Sir! Made me laugh.  :D That should be a bumper sticker.  :nod:
  13. OTR1

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    From Canberra Times letters page....
  14. OTR1

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    My closest childhood friend is now an Oz Army Brigadier. Trust me when I say that not only could do with industrial quantities of PT, but needs the supervision and instruction by the nastiest of nasty SNCOs. One who knows how to tell a Brigadier he's so fat that pig in that shape would demand...
  15. OTR1

    New RN CVFs/ Queen Elizabeth class carriers taking shape (updates)

    Yes. The final UK-USA paperwork was signed by both SECDEFs a few weeks ago.
  16. OTR1

    New RN CVFs/ Queen Elizabeth class carriers taking shape (updates)

    Excerpts from UK Defence Journal. BTW UK gov officially dumped the 'no east of Suez' doctrine about six weeks ago. British supercarrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to deploy to the Pacific December 28, 2016 It has emerged that the UK plans to sail HMS Queen Elizabeth to the Pacific in 2021 amid...
  17. OTR1

    HMAS Hobart Air Warfare Destroyer launched

    Yup!  [:D As RAN submariners wear black overalls it's very easy to tell who got a bit too excited about finding a skimmer...........  [:p [:D Worth noting that the nine frigates coming down the pipe will be optimized for ASW, and that the LHDs will, in due course, get helo ASW as a swing...
  18. OTR1

    HMAS Hobart Air Warfare Destroyer launched

    Second DDG - Brisbane - hits the drink this Thursday. BTW an east coast fleet concentration period of 11 ships is currently winding up. As per last year's biggie, it's geared towards task group ops, which the RAN abandoned after carrier capability was scrubbed in the early 80s. From late 2018...
  19. OTR1

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    None. No.