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  1. Bonko

    Differences betwen PRes DP1 Artymen and Reg DP1

    I understand that in PRes you only do up to Mod 4(I believe) of your DP1 FD Artymen, and in reg's you go up to Mod 6(Once again I believe). Can anyone clarify this for me and explain what the last two mods are? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the 81mm mortar and the M777? Thanks.
  2. Bonko

    Proper footwear for DEU's?

    Attending a New Year's Levee and it's supposed to be 1A's and just looking through my footwear I was issued and I only see Oxford's isn't the standard army footwear for DEU's supposed to be those ankle boots? I'm not to sure on matter can anyone shed some light on the situation?