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  1. baboon6

    The Airborne Regiment (pre-1977)

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but I have a couple of questions on the structure of the CAR pre-1977. If I am correct there was an airborne HQ & signal squadron, 1 Commando Aeroportee (A, B, C Coys), 2 Abn Commando (D, E, F Coys), 1 Abn Battery, 1 Abn Field Eng Sqn, and the Abn Service Coy. My...
  2. baboon6

    Swedish "Para" MAG

    I hadn't seen this before, a C6/MAG58 with a short barrel and folding stock. Comments? www.bellum.nu/armoury/Ksp58DF.html
  3. baboon6

    Resignations over unification

    I was recently reading a book about the  British night fighter ace J.R.D. "Bob" Braham, the most highly decorated Brit/Commonwealth  fighter pilot of the war (29 victories, DSO and Two Bars, DFC and Two Bars). Braham transferred to the RCAF in the early 1950s and attained the rank of Group...
  4. baboon6

    Entrenching tools

    I did a search for these and couldn't find anything. What e-tool does the CF use and is it normally issued or sitting in the QM store?