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  1. BDTyre

    Big Brother Canada

    To be honest, I'm surprised this potential circus hasn't come up on here before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7voqOLLKZ-o Member of B Coy, Rocky Mountain Rangers, completed special forces selection and now appearing on Big Brother Canada. According to several sources, this wasn't cleared...
  2. BDTyre


    I noticed that Logitisk Unicorp is now offering me brogues and the Oxfords are completely gone. When did this change come about - more importantly, when did brogues become the standard for NCMs in highland units. In the fall I heard rumours that they were authorized for MCpl and above, but...
  3. BDTyre

    PWT3 - Shotgun

    Happy New Year all! Does anyone have details on the PWT3 for the shotgun? I have the opportunity to do one in the coming months and was curious what it actually entailed. Thanks!
  4. BDTyre

    Mess etiquette: buying rounds

    We had a small discussion last week regarding buying rounds in the mess and it go me thinking: is there a standardized etiquette for buying rounds in the mess, or does it vary mess by mess. As all messes must have a constitution, and there is presumably a CF or at least CA wide basis for the...
  5. BDTyre

    Arid small pack?

    So I'm reading through the NP's article on the arrival of troops in Mali, and the soldier in the first photo really stands out... http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/a-dozen-canadian-peacekeepers-arrive-in-mali-as-yearlong-mission-begins He appears to be wearing an arid version of the issue...
  6. BDTyre

    AINO/Unit CBRN Def NCO Course

    Does anyone have the details on the CBRN Def NCO course - i.e., what topics are covered, what the job entails (other than running gas hut/IBTS)? My unit has two opportunities coming up and I'm curious about it. I wanted a few more details before approaching my CoC and deciding to commit a...
  7. BDTyre

    CF green dress shirts & cufflinks

    I just noticed that Logistik Unicorp has a little note under the listing for the long sleeve shirt that future production runs will include an extra button hole for cufflinks. Did I miss something? Are cufflinks authorized for wear in DEUs?
  8. BDTyre

    Drill PAM

    Awhile back I had a PDF of the drill PAM on my laptop. I've since lost it, and I don't have access to the DWAN. My regiment is preparing to lay up our old colours/perform a freedom of the city parade and I've found out we need to know fix/unfix bayonets and change arms on the march. If anyone...
  9. BDTyre

    Undress ribbons in Vancouver

    I've tried unsuccessfully to get an undress ribbon for my GCS through my QM. He's going to check in Chilliwack one last time, but so far there's been nothing. He (and others have suggested) I purchase or get one made and claim it. Does anyone know where in Vancouver I get one done up?
  10. BDTyre

    Sew-on Rank for DEU Jacket

    I'm rpobably just stupid, but I checked through my copy of the dress regs and couldn't find the reference that shows the exact spot on the upper arm for the rank (i.e. how far from the sleeve/shoulder it should be). Can anyone provide the reference for me? Thanks1
  11. BDTyre

    Spectre (?) Ear Defenders

    I'm looking for good ear defenders designed to fit under the helmet.  My RQ mentioned Spectre (not sure if that's spelled right) as a possibility, and told me that the arty use them.  I've also been told by an MO that there is a set in the system that protect against loud noises but allow a...
  12. BDTyre

    Modular Baynet Scabbard

    I've got an M-9 bayonet; obviously it is a little wider than our CAN2000 (or whatever the new one is), so it won't fit in the same scabbard.  Is anyone aware of a source for a modular (either MOLLE or PALS) scabbard.  I'd like to be able to mount it on my own shooting rig.
  13. BDTyre

    Infantry Hearing Category

    Could anyone point me to a reference for the hearing category for infantry?  I'm being referred to an audiologist as my hearing may have dropped from H2 to H3, and I've heard through friends that H3 may make me unfit for infantry (I thought it was H4) though the MO in KAF Role 1 didn't seem too...
  14. BDTyre

    CANFORGEN for TF3-09

    Would anyone be able to provide me with a copy of the CANFORGEN that came out recently regarding non-issued rigs and vests for 3-09?  I don't have DIN access and the chain of command is scattered to the four winds at this point in time.
  15. BDTyre

    Kit issued before pre-deployment

    Okay I did a search but was fruitless, so please feel free to mock me if this has been covered. I'm apparently headed for CFB Edmonton at the end of the month for pre-deployment.  I was under the impression (and probably picked this up from some off-hand comment someone made) that as a...
  16. BDTyre

    Laying a Wreath

    A group I'm with has asked me to lay a wreath at the cenotaph in my community, on account of the fact that the veterans in the group are of ill-health and likely won't make it to the parade.  As a wreath-layer, I will have to confirm whether or not I'm part of the parade or simply will already...
  17. BDTyre

    LSVW Course

    I am confirmed on an LSVW course running on weekends and starting next month, running until...January?  February?  Something like that.  What is covered on the LSVW course - I've heard conflicting things regarding whether or not Milcots are taught.  It would be nice, since my unit has one LSVW...
  18. BDTyre

    OMLT and Training

    I'm currenty tasked as NSE for TF 3-09, but I've put my name in for OMLT.  It seems like a good choice, but no one at the regiment has done it.  I'm not going to assume I'll get an OMLT position, but I'd like to know a little more about it.  I'm certain people on here have done it.  What's the...
  19. BDTyre

    Permanent ID

    I have been told that, since I'm eligible, I can get the OR at CFB Esquimalt to do my permanent ID up if I happen to be there.  Is there any truth to this?  It does seem kind of wierd.
  20. BDTyre

    Map Tack (laminate)

    I've got some civy topo maps I use for hiking and route planning and general messing around.  Where can I get my hands on a roll of laminate like we use to laminate our military maps?  I would have liberated a roll last time I came across one, but it was a little big to pack in my luggage and...