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  1. buzgo

    CFSCE DLN Networking Package

    I wanted to get the word out on the street, for those of you with Defence Learning Network (DLN) access: CFSCE has created a series of introductory networking course packages and published them on the DLN, open for anyone in the CAF to take. There are no course codes, no credit, the packages...
  2. buzgo

    Replacing the pack system?

    I happened to hear that a Letter of Interest (LOI) had been posted on MERX, related to modular pack systems. It looks like what may be the beginning of the end of the small pack and the new ruck...
  3. buzgo

    New CF Fitness Policies Coming

    Someone emailed this to me today: I don't have a link as it was an email but it is out on the DIN. It looks like 2006 will be an interesting year.
  4. buzgo

    Army Swag

    I've noticed more than a few people at the NDHQ gym that have Nalgene type bottles with the offical Army logo on them, and some people wearing red t-shirts with the Army logo... Does anyone know where they are getting this stuff?