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  1. karl28

    Halo 4; forward unto dawn live action videos- awesome and worth a watch.

    ArmyRick I will answer your question there called the Covenant and the one you saw with the sword is an Elite wearing Battle Armour and carrying a energy sword .  In previous Halo games you could play some missions as and elite soldier there fun can go invisible but they are the bad guys  .  I...
  2. karl28

    Feats of Awesomeness

    Verry good story to read on the above article about the 777 well done to all involved
  3. karl28

    On Station in the Gulf of Oman

    Awesome photo thanks for sharing the picture and info .
  4. karl28


    MR  E.R. Campbell  great post I agree with what you are saying 100%  on a less serious note whats that old saying Never discuss the following  for the fear of getting smacked up side the head Politics , religion , woman's age or a woman's weight
  5. karl28

    MacKenzie float in Canada Day parade draws sharp criticism

    Another sad display when people have to much freedom and don't have to do anything for it . I am just shaking my head at it .
  6. karl28

    RAF P-40 shot down in 1942 discovered 70 years later in Egyptian desert

    Amazing story's it was a good read hopefully the P-40 can be returned to a museum and preserved .
  7. karl28

    Video Canadians Under Fire

    Thanks for sharing those links
  8. karl28

    The 'Pompeii' of the Western Front: Bodies of 21 German soldiers found

    What a great article to read I was really amazed at the conditions of some of the articles that where found like the leather holster it looked in great shape for its age .
  9. karl28

    Status on Victoria-class Submarines?

                    I really hope that the government will not scrap these boats . I really think that they can be a valued asset we just got to work out the kinks and get them running again .
  10. karl28

    Senate page fired for anti-Harper protest

              IF these anti Harper people truly wanted Harper out of government than they should of come out in force and voted him out of office sense they didn't its our gain ( us Harper supporters )  and  its there loss .
  11. karl28

    US UAV, esp. UCAV, progress

    This was an interestering article to read thanks for posting it .
  12. karl28

    Darn, don't you just hate it when this happens?

    LOL that gives a hole new meaning of bad day in the office LOL :facepalm:
  13. karl28

    Paid parking DND property

    So sadly this will probably be another form of tax grab . I still say this is a bad idea no one should have to pay to park there cars when they go to work .         If that is the case can I send my gas bill to my employer for my car because driving to work is 90 % of my gas bill each month .
  14. karl28

    Paid parking DND property

                So would they be charging you for parking out side the base or in it ? IF its in the base than that's a load of crap .  If I where you guys I would be checking this one out and following it very closely .  I don't think any Employer should be able to charge there employees parking...
  15. karl28

    Project Noctua & the Heron UAV - Interim capability to support Afghanistan Ops

              I hope that this moves doesn't happen . I think having the UAV in service would still be beneficial to the military even after they are done combat operations in Afghanistan .  I don't see why you couldn't use them in border security patroles or even peace keeping operations should...
  16. karl28

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas to you mike and every one else on here also hope that every one has a great day and a happy a new year .
  17. karl28

    It's that time of the year again.........

    Happy Birthday to all  :salute:
  18. karl28

    Christmas Lights?

    NavyShooter [4]           Now those are some pretty neat lights man  ;D
  19. karl28

    USN successfully fires a test bed railgun

    I think the above person was just saying this for a  laugh  , but I get a kick out of the person who had said the above quote and how the only way to deal with a supper rail gun dreadnaught is with another super rail gun dreadnaught .  I am personally wondering if that person has ever heard of...