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    Course equivalency

    Stupid question: The pre-requisite for the arts program for ROTP is a MCFM3, a grade 11 math course. Unfortunately, I did not meet the requirements for that course to be a 75 percent. However, in my 12th year I took 12th year Advanced functions, which is a requisite for the engineering and...
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    Another “am I good enough” Question

    I’m guessing we fencers are over saturated? 😳
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    Another “am I good enough” Question

    Hello all. Apologies for another “am I good enough” question. But I am currently extremely stressed out about my prospects of acceptance this coming year and require some help. I am currently in 12th grade, with about an 83-85 average. My marks are: English-80 (81 possible) Advanced Functions...
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    Question about rescheduling CFAT...

    Hello everybody I hope you are doing well. My question is regarding moving my CFAT. I tried to request an original transcript about 6 days ago to my school, and they told me on Thursday that it would not arrive until Tuesday this coming week. Problem is, my CFAT is on Monday. I called AND...