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    Memo to seek autorization for PT outside the system

    Hi, I remember reading some unit orders that specified that if the member wanted to do PT outside the base (there was a list of approved activities) and make it count for unit PT (and be covered in case of injury), the member had to submit a memo to the CoC, in order to get it approved. Now...
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    How to get rid of old DEU items properly?

    Hi, Question here for our residents Supply experts! Doing some cleanup at my place right now. I have quite a bit of old DEU dress shirts/pants that I don't wear anymore (original sizing from basic training days). I ordered several new pieces of DEU gear on Logistik Unikorps throughout the...
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    CFPLQ at the Naval Reserve (Downtown Quebec city)

    Hi all! I got my message to go on my PLQ. It's an english course, but located at the Naval Reserve in downtown Quebec city. I wonder how it's like. Anybody here did their course over there? Thanks for the info, Delavan
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    PLQ à la réserve navale à Québec???

    Bonjour, j'ai été loadé sur le PLQ qui se donne à la réserve navale à Québec (bassin Louise). Y a t'il quelqu'un qui a fait son cours là-bas qui pourrais me donner un aperçu de ce à quoi m'attendre? Merci à tous!
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    Funny fake blank PER form

    Hi all! I'm trying to find this funny document. It's a fake blank PER form, really well made, looks like the original, with out-to-lunch comments and options on. I'm sure some of you seen it. I lost it and would like to have it back!!! Please help me!
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    When OTing, being allowed to go work in that trade to get the "feel" of it?

    Hi! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that we are allowed to go work for a little bit with the folks (of requested trades). How does it work? Do you have exemples to bring to the table? Is it only when your OT has been accepted or do you have the right to go when your Paperwork is in?
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    Brutal question for armoured folks...

    I got one of those questions that might get me in trouble or in the pond for asking, but I'll try anyway. I was looking at the Leo2's pics and refering to the Leo1's as well, what is that white cross painted in the back of the tank anyway? I mean what is the purpose of it? Don't shoot! I just...
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    Posté à Bagotville... help!

    Allo! Chanceux ou pas (l'avenir le dira), je suis posté a Bagot. Je crois aller rester en PMQ, du moins pour un bout de temps. Quelqu'un pourrais t'il me renseigner sur l'etat des PMQs la bas. Le prix c'est pas complique, c'est sur le site du CFHA ,mais c'est quoi le mieux? Les maisons en...
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    Another new truck around Gagetown

    Hi! Seen this today in Gagetown, with manufacturer's licence plate on (from Michigan). It's made by international. It's  higher than an Humvee. There is a pick-up type of box in the back (6 foot). http://www.nav-international.com/site_layout/militarybusiness/Intl_MXT_MV.asp
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    New "HLVW" type Mercedes Truck in Gagetown?

    Hi! Somebody out there knows what's going on with those trucks? Are they trial only? They are of the same size as an HL and the one I seen was a "PLS TYPE" truck. There was markings in the windows too (something like in a car show) with all the specs on the vehicule.
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    MECC shelter/design cell type

    Good day, I wonder if somebody could help me on that one. There is one version of the MECC shelter (weatherhaven I think), that comes with computers, plotters and printers. This is meant to be used by Construction troops and air wing engineering squadrons, for drafting and design purposes when...
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    Anyone here posted to 1 CAD? Info request please help!

    Good day! I looking for information reference the MECC shelters/design shelter used by some units for drafting/design purposes. I heard that they all belong to 1 CAD. Regards, Delavan
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    Need help from the pros!

    I searched for the answer with the search engine, but got contradicting info! Help me! I'm reg force and I put my OT in for reg force 227  LCIS in Dec 05. I meet the requirements and got good results on my aptitude test. My interview was alright IMHO. BPSO tells me that the board sits in end...
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    CF-18 from Bagotville lost a flare dispenser

    I'm surprised that this is not posted on the site yet... http://www.tqs.ca/infos/saguenay/2006/03/Danger_d_explosion___un_CF-18_a_perdu_en_plein_vol_un_module_pyrotechnique-3596.html I don't have the link in english, but it says that a CF-18 from Bagot lost a flare dispenser/launcher...
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    OT questions not covered...

    I did a search on the forum, but my questions are different and not exactly answered. If it does, I'll go back to do my homeworks! Is there just one selection board for OTs for the CF, or it's more "branch" related? Is there just one board selection a year? If you miss the opportunity for...
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    1 soldat mort, deux blessés (R22) à Wainwright...

    Je transfére un topic de la section anglaise. J'ai pris appris la nouvelle à RDI... http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/34850.0.html Sincères condoléances à la famille de la victime et au régiment ,plus prompts rétablissements aux bléssés
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    CSS sub-boards...

    It is nice to see that you MODS added up sub boards to the combat service support section. What about one more "Construction engineering"? The 600 series trades are (as most of us knows) building camps on roto 0 and performing renovations on buildings oversees and in the country. Thanks
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    Who served on OP HALO will get CPSM medal

    I seen this on the DWAN : Op Halo soldiers will get the CPSM for Haiti. There is 3 or 4 more missions added to the CPSM eligibility list too.
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    just a little suggestion here! (Might have been discussed, i don't know)

    I noticed that in the support trades board, you get medic, sigs, etc. Have you (you forum masters) ever been asked for sub boards for other "support" trades, such as 600 series trades (construction guys), or logistics? Ok, he're NSE crew and we don't support combat directly, i realise that...
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    question for armour lads... Dif in accuracy between smoothbore and rifled barrel

    Hi fellows, me being an engineer ,i refer to you guys to answer my question. I red that the "stryker" has a smoothbore barrel. Is it any good? Could you guys fire the thing with as much accuracy as a leo would? Thanks for your understanding!