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    The brick wall of health

    I haven't been around much in the past few months, I was really busy with the kids, work and such while waiting on the results of my medical. Why am I writing about this? To let you know how important your health is to your entry into the military. I scored near perfect on the exams, interview...
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    montreal CFRC

    Just want to say that I've been dealing with the Montreal CFRC since August and I have only great things to say. It may seem like it's taking forever, but it's not; I had to wait for a spot to open up in the Reserve unit I wish to join. The original recruiter I dealt with, which I still stay in...
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    PRES vs REG application question

    Hello, There's something I'm not clear on. I've spoken to and seen my recruiter about my application to the PRes as an engineer officer. When I first saw him, he mentioned that there were no more positions available this year. The next time they'll have something available he said is in...
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    anyone hunt moose here?

    Hi, I just recently got into a hunting foursome, so next year, I'll be going hunting for some moose. So I finally have justification to buy a hunting rifle. I don't flinch, mostly due to firing so many rounds with my 22 and I can handle recoil, as it's fun to shoot 3.5" shot out of my 12. I'm...
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    part time training

    Hello recruiters, I have read that it is possible for a reservist in training to do phase I part time (12 weekends). Is phase 2 and 3 (for infantry or engineer officer) also possible in short bursts, i.e. 2 week chunks or many weekends at the reserve unit? The only info I found is 2 months for...
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    time off to train for reserves

    Hi all, I've done some much reading on this forum that I want to start off by thanking everyone for some great information. I have had the calling to join the military for years now but never got around to it because I have a great full time job (engineer) that pays really well and keeps my...