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  1. Lil_T

    Going back to St Jean

    Hey all.... I'm really jumping the gun here as I just left my nice concrete bubble (aka the Mega) for my attach posting here at home.  I'm slated to go back 1 Feb 10 to be "reassessed" for my TCAT 3 and I'm, I guess, hoping against hope I'll be ready to go back to platoon and not AWT once...
  2. Lil_T

    CIC question.

    Is it possible to be CIC AND a member of the RegF or PRes at the same time?  What I mean is, is it allowed?
  3. Lil_T

    Looking for some advice- Now an Ode to Tanya

    I find that particularly offensive.  Crazy happens under all sorts of names thank you very much. that aside, points 1-4 are pretty solid.
  4. Lil_T

    What song is stuck in your head?

    I know it's not just me this happens to.  Some song comes on the radio, or you're reminded of something and there it is.  A song... any song.  Stuck there in your head, and it won't go away. For me - today - Der Kommissar
  5. Lil_T

    OPSEC for spouses

    Are there OPSEC briefings held for spouses?  There should be if there isn't.  Some people really need to learn to shut their mouths/ not facebook/post some things.
  6. Lil_T

    I just had the best gym session ever!

    Even added more to my usual routine.  So I spent 2 1/2 hours working out.  ;D I feel SO good right now - I'm still on a major endorphin rush.  Man, am I hungry though!! I am feeling more and more confident about BMQ every day.  WOOHOO!
  7. Lil_T

    Uh Oh!

    I was just reading the Joining instructions post.  I don't have a vaccination booklet. I'm going to have to go looking through my medical records to see if there's any record of me having my shots.  I did get my MMR back in April 07.  And Tetanus shot in 02 or 03. I'm going to get fifty million...
  8. Lil_T

    Know something about cars?

    I sure don't. What I do know is my 03 sunfire that's been camping out in the driveway has died.  I've turned it over a few times during the winter.  But today I went to turn it over and a whole lot of nothing happened.  Like absolutely nothing.  The fuel pump didn't even engage. No lights. ...
  9. Lil_T


    UAB is in the SeaCan.  ;D
  10. Lil_T

    Looking for suggestions.

    It's almost that time, and I'm looking for some good "welcome back" ideas for the hubby.  I'm now in the process of finding the "right" outfit for when I go pick him up.  :D  But any suggestions for something nice to do for him when he gets home would be much appreciated.
  11. Lil_T

    Ottawa M&G - 2009

    Since it was mentioned - I'm being proactive about it.  So, who's up for it?  When/where?
  12. Lil_T

    I freaking love army.ca!

    Aside from the plethora of information, there are posts where I have damn near pissed myself laughing.  Great way to unwind after a weird/ crazy kind of day.  :cheers:
  13. Lil_T

    hypothetical situation

    How much trouble would a person get in for leaving their weapon behind?
  14. Lil_T


    I was at Zellers today, and as I was heading to the cash, there in the middle of the aisle - Barack Obama t-shirts.  I get that he's riding a high tide of popularity right now, but wow.  I guess I just don't see him as the super hero the t-shirt manufacturers do.  Seems a little much to me. ...
  15. Lil_T

    rank badge placement question

    The boy got his first "promotion"  to LAC.  Is my memory correct that the rank badge goes midway between the shoulder and elbow?  It's been a LONG time since I was an air cadet.
  16. Lil_T

    I took a life last night.

    I'm still kind of shaken up over it.  A couple was walking across the street in Cumberland.  I guess the lights from the cars disoriented them.  One went left, the other went right.  And that's when my car slammed into the one who went right.  I'll never forget that dull thud and the bump as my...
  17. Lil_T

    Don't take this the wrong way but...

    I can't wait to start BMQ and be able to relax. Before you either shake your head, laugh your ass off at me, or blow a gasket... this is what I'm referring to. Getting a solid 6 hours of sleep.  (as opposed to the constantly interrupted 6-7 I get now) Eating meals while they're hot-ish. (as...
  18. Lil_T

    So, what do you do with your free time?

    I know someone out there must have some.  I'm finally about to have some real free time for the first time in about 2 years and I don't know what to do with it (other than catching up on housework and going to the gym).  I'm curious to see what everybody else does.  :D
  19. Lil_T

    quick question

    Since I am delaying entry into BMQ til May/June (after hubby gets back and settled) will that mean that I won't get an offer until closer to that time?  Or will I get an offer closer to now, despite that?
  20. Lil_T

    What ever happened to....

    The Canada Fitness Test?  I  do remember doing it through elementary school, and in cadets so it must have been scrapped sometime in the 90's.  It was a special kind of awful, but I always managed to badge in it at least. Why did they stop offering it in schools?  Please oh please don't say...