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    20 years to retirement

    Is it still accurate that in US military you can still retire after 20 years and draw your pension? Must be nice...
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    Increase font in quotes

    I'm suggesting to increase the font in quotes. I stopped trying to read text in quotes that's more than 2-3 lines. The crazy small font hurts my eyes.
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    Pension transfer to RCMP indirectly

    Couldn't think of a better title but, I know CF pension transfers to RCMP. Now, what if I would take an intermediate job (private), then go to RCMP later. As long as I don't cashout my pension, can I bring it later (if) I join the RCMP later on? Also as far as I understand if the entire 25 year...
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    Getting posted and out of province vehicle inspections

    I would like to know how do you guys deal with the endless vehicle inspections required every time you get posted in a different province. Every province has requirements for out of province vehicle registration (which IMO is retarded, it's Canada, I'm not importing a vehicle from outside)...
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    Helicopter fuel tanks

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    Most likely airframe to fly

    For someone who is scheduled to graduate in 2016/2017, what is the most likely airframe to be assigned to? Rumors are that it's highly unlikely to get the Cormorant fresh out of training. True? Will it be Cyclones/Griffons? Do they still train new pilots on the Sea King since it's life...
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    Switching from FW to RW and vice-versa

    Question for for current trained pilots. Is it easier to transfer from multi platform to helo platform vs vice versa? I would assume since the number of helos is double than that of multis that would be the case? And of course I am talking about after several years of flying a platform, not...
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    Incidentals and CLDA taxable?

    Are the above 2 mentioned allowances taxable? Thanks
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    bmq component in rotp bmoq

    Can bmoq be continued from week 8 anymore in certain circumstances after finishing the bmq component? Thanks
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    OT to NCM MP from officer

    Hey, just wondering if transferring from an officer trade to NCM MP, is the degree you hold as the requirement for the initial officer trade good, or you would actually need to do extra schooling and do police foundation school or similar, as they mention on the forces website?
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    Federal tax increase in february

    Noticed that the february tax deduction is increased on my feb pay stub compared to jannuary. Is it normal to fluctuate?
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    CFLRS food request?

    Is it possible to make "special" food requests? Such as low/nill sodium? Been there for 2 weeks and I have a feeling you will be leaving with 180 BP after the 3.5 months of training :/ Since I have a feeling this will be out of discussion, what do people recommending staying away from and...
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    Pilot shortage?

    At CFLRS 40 out of 60 in the ROTP platoon were airforce. aprox 25 out of 40 were pilots. Just wondering if there is a slight pilot shortage (can't really see it happening since everybody wants to be one), or if they are recruiting a lot of pilots because of the high failure rate (60%), and this...