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  1. Rheostatic

    Writing the Retirement Message

    Is there a standard that applies to retirement messages, aside from message formatting? I've seen enough of them to know there's a pattern, but is it based on a standard or is that just how it's done? While we're on the subject I'd love to hear about some opinions on what makes a great...
  2. Rheostatic

    C&E Buckle for Ceremonial White Belt

    Does anyone know where one could find a C&E Branch buckle for the ceremonial white belt? The Mercury Shop has not carried them in some time. 
  3. Rheostatic

    Help identify this qualification/award

    I've noticed this insignia on a couple of CF portraits and I've had no success figuring out what it's for. It appears to be a small pin worn centered on the left pocket. It looks like a dagger or fighting knife with blade pointed down.
  4. Rheostatic


    Well, I don't quite know what to say about that.
  5. Rheostatic

    CFSCE Sig Op Student Handouts

    A question for those who work at the School: Are the student handouts and manuals for trade courses available for download on the DIN? I've always found these to be pretty useful but over the years mine have become outdated as the kit changes. I'm talking about the handbooks produced at the...
  6. Rheostatic

    Help me find Sig Op QL5 course material?

    That's it, I need to download the course material (lesson plans etc) for the sig op QL5. It doesn't seem to be on the Documentum, and the DIN search engine isn't very effective. Can anyone help me find it?
  7. Rheostatic

    For Sale: Combat Shirt & Pants, Belts, Toque, SMG Mag Pouch

    Time to unload some of my kit. Everything here is good working order. All items below were purchased by me  in army surplus or retail stores. CF combat pants, olive, size 7036. $15 CF Combat Shirt, olive. $15. The shirt has no label so I don't know the numeric size (maybe that's why I was able...
  8. Rheostatic

    Writing SOPs: Is there a guide out there?

    I'm looking for a guide to writing standard operating procedures, if there is such a thing. I need to generate a set of SOPs and I'd like to know if there is some kind of formatting standard or some other publication that can help. I've searched the DIN and the forums already, and the best...
  9. Rheostatic

    Recording mileage toward Troop Lift qualification

    Do any standardized forms exist for recording mileage toward one's Troop Lift qualification? I'd like to save myself some future headaches and get it right the first time.