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  1. SuperTrooper

    Arty to inf, reserve

    Hi all Well I'm bored in my trade and am looking to change. 18 plus years in the arty, currently a Sgt that is promotable to WO. Some may think I'm nuts but I'm just bored with it, the ex's are the same even to the point of the same gun position from the previous ex. I'm hoping I don't have to...
  2. SuperTrooper

    Military reenacting

    Well I had the pleasure to go out to a tactical event at CFB Borden (ont) with some reenactors. It was a good experience and was surprised that there was close to 50 people representing 5 various units, Allies - Perth regt           First Special Service Force Germans - SS               Panzer...
  3. SuperTrooper

    Which TSM?

    Well, I've been having this chat with some fellows and I have been reading Regimental Duties and have looked closley at Chapter 2. Now that we have stream lined, we have 2 gunline TSM, recce TSM, FOO WO and a CP WO, that gives us 5 WO's in a bty. My question is, who is the Senior WO amongst...
  4. SuperTrooper

    Looking for FDU hoodie

    Hello I would like to know where I can get my hands on a new hoodie, I have searched but came up with nothing, any help would be great. Thanks
  5. SuperTrooper

    Gun line TSM Crse for reserve

    Hello all, anyone have an idea about the Gun line TSM crse starting  May - June 07. I have been offered it, but everyone is in the black in regards to what is being taught on the crse, other then it being run in the Sioux. If anyone has any info, that would be great.
  6. SuperTrooper

    Invasion Canada!

    While sitting in the dentist's office waiting for the wife and realizing that there are no hot secretaries, I found a MacLeans magazine tucked under the cushion of the couch. After skimming through and finding no pictures of naked tribe women from africa, I found an interesting article that an...
  7. SuperTrooper

    Making a movie in Morocco

    Well I just got back from Morocco a week before Xmas and now that I can relax, time to share some pic's and stories. I had a great time working with the army and airforce, hardy lot they are and I was simply amazed at the vast equipment that they have, though some of it was real crap, some is...
  8. SuperTrooper


    Looking to buy Cadpat AR size 38, in good condition.
  9. SuperTrooper

    My mini gun firing

    Hello all, been busy with work but finally I have a video of the gun that was made by us for the movie resident evil 2. http://www.colpittsdesign.com/biggun/ If I remember it was a 200 rnd burst. That would be my boss firing the gun since he did most of the work!
  10. SuperTrooper

    Resident evil 2 Guns

    Hi, well here are some pic's I dug up when we were test firing the guns for Resident evil 2, my boss did all the testing as I wasn't there at the time, but I did fire the mini gun many times. This is Charlie firing the mini with one arm, that's right, no girlie man two arm, one lol. It has two...
  11. SuperTrooper

    Deactivated weapons

    Hello all, long time reader, first time poster lol. Well I have decided to give this a try, a few folks in the mess have come up to me and asked this question about having weapons in the mess that are deactivated, nothing wrong with them I said. The day went on and some guys came up and asked...