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  1. Goober

    D30 122mm Howitzer manuals? TFTs?

    I'm wondering if anyone out there as any physical or digital copy of TFTs or manuals for the D30 122mm howitzer. Or if someone knows how I could get a hold of a copy, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. Goober

    Mini UAVs and 'B' bty

    According to the CO of 1RCHA, B bty is going to change over from the guns to mini-uavs here is an interesting article about Canada's interests in the mini-uavs http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/2005/12/canada-crafting-highend-uav-requirements/index.php With the M777 and its digital fire...
  3. Goober

    Shilo block leave

    Does anyone know when Shilo block leave begins? I finish my DP1 course next week and I get posted to Shilo around August 17th, and I'm wondering if I'll get block leave when I get there. Also, is it true 1 RCHA is going to Afghanistan in Feb 2006?
  4. Goober

    Getting a gerber from the QM is like pulling teeth...

    Is it true that you have to be DP1 qualified to get a gerber? Because thats the story the QM tells, which is puzzling, as having a gerber on SQ and on DP1 would be more than handy.
  5. Goober

    Influx of Armour recruits?

    I was just wondering if there is a large influx of armour recruits because 42 out of 49 of my basic platoon are armoured. The rest are infantry and artillery, and one combat engineer. Is this normal, or maybe they just send all the armour recruits to the same basic? Anyone in the know? I'm...
  6. Goober

    I'm supposed to be at BMQ right now...

    But my flight was canceled because of this damn blizzard. I'm in Cape Breton, and two of us are going to be late to BMQ. Just when I thought the moment to ship off came, it turns out I have to wait some more. I guess this is preparing me for life in the CF :P It might not be until Wednesday when...
  7. Goober

    US submarine runs aground in Guam, 1 died

    R.I.P. to the crewman  :salute:
  8. Goober

    What do you like about your trade?

    This question could go into the recruiting section, but I figured maybe some of the answers would be best off in this forum. What do you like about being a gunner? I'm asking this because I received my call today from the CFRC and got a job offer for Artillery (Field). I don't know anything...
  9. Goober

    U.S. Patriot Act can eyeball private Canadian records

    http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2004/10/29/692305-cp.html U.S. Patriot Act can eyeball private Canadian records, says B.C. report By DIRK MEISSNER       VICTORIA (CP) - The USA Patriot Act has the power to eyeball private information about Canadians despite attempts by governments in...
  10. Goober

    Cat Stevens denied entry to U.S.

    Maybe he should have used his stage name... :P http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/2004/09/21/catstevens040921.html Former pop star Cat Stevens denied entry to U.S. Last Updated Tue, 21 Sep 2004 22:16:39 EDT WASHINGTON - Yusuf Islam, formerly known as folk-rock singer Cat Stevens, was...
  11. Goober

    Political Variation...

    Found this on a random search of google, thought it was pretty funny. Socialism:  You have 2 cows; give one to your neighbour. Communism:  You have 2 cows; government takes both and gives you the milk. Fascism:  You have 2 cows; government takes both and sells you the milk. Nazism:  You have 2...
  12. Goober

    Funny story...Halifax Rats

    I was down the Halifax waterfront a few years back, during the summer tourist season, talking to a friend of mine who worked security down there. It was about 2 in the afternoon and it was about 30 degrees. Scorching hot. My buddy points out this huge wharf rat sitting in the shade of a lone...
  13. Goober

    The United Nations - Its utility, and its future

    What are your thoughts on the future of the UN? After the US showed the world the UN is ineffective and unimportant when they invaided Iraq, the UN is looking to create a true multilateral organization that the world today needs. They could succeed, or fail, I hope they succeed, but judging...