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  1. genesis98

    Rangers Scale of issue

    Is there a scale of issue for the Canadian Rangers?
  2. genesis98

    Reserve Units in Alberta

    Are there any units close to the Hinton Alberta area?
  3. genesis98

    RCA in newfoundland

    I was told by someone that there used to be a RCA unit in St. John's Newfoundland, anybody know if there is any truth to this?
  4. genesis98

    MLVW move

    Noticed they are clearing out the MLVW graveyard here at CFS St. John's in Newfoundland all the ML's that were sitting and rusting are getting flat bedded elsewhere (I assume out of the province) Somebody wanna keep an eye out for these (I'm assuming they are going to gagetown). Has to be...
  5. genesis98

    Comm Reserve Website

    I know that the Comm Reserve is now gone and we no longer fall under IMG. What happens to the files that IMG hosted on the Comm Reserve website?
  6. genesis98

    Kit from other countries

    I've been browsing the web looking for equivalents to our Clothe the Soldier website for the past couple of days, so far I've come up with: The American Army's "Program Executive Office Soldier" aka "PEO" SoldierĀ  http://peosoldier.army.mil/ The US Marine Corps Combat Equipment and Support...
  7. genesis98

    Question for the history buffs and old timers

    Can anybody give me a "complete" list of vehicles that the forces used after World War two up and until our current fleet.
  8. genesis98

    Latest tease the soldier kit

    Can we get a list of all the latest Tease the soldier kit that has been issued in the last few years on the go as well as a link to the latest complete field allocation scale, I'm sure it will help a lot of new guys that come on to the site as well answer a lot of questions.
  9. genesis98

    Iltis Pub

    Anybody have an adobe acryobat version of the iltis manual?
  10. genesis98


    Are wheelers the only company who make a cadpat valise? Aswell are there any other better options for a valise, I recently came into posession of enough cadpat waterproof material to make my own and I'm looking for a design to replicate.
  11. genesis98

    Pention for WRCNS members

    I recently had a relative who was a member of the WRCNS (Womens Royal Canadian Naval Service) in World War 2 who just passed away, we were wondering if she qualifies for a pention for her husband that she left behind?
  12. genesis98

    Winter Kit used by other countries

    Just wondering how our winter kit rates up there as opposed to say countries like Russia, England and the States.
  13. genesis98


    Anybody have a picture of a home made counterpoise? I know you can use pretty much anything metal. But I'd like to see a portable one.
  14. genesis98

    Checking DND mail from home

    I had somebody tell me the other day that this was possible, anybody know if there is any truth to this? As well how is it done?
  15. genesis98

    Initial Kit issue

    Hey I'm looking for a list of kit you should recieve upon joining this is for a friend, I know I saw the thread on here somewhere but I did a search and couldn't find it. Just wondering if anybody here remembers it.
  16. genesis98

    Looking for kit lists for LCT, QRT and BaseRad.

    Anybody know of a site on the DIN that would contain the default kit lists for a LCT, QRT and BaseRad? (Edited by Moderator to clarify title.)
  17. genesis98

    Quick DEU TIE KNOT question

    What kind of knot do I tie in my tie?
  18. genesis98

    arty in afghan

    Is there any?
  19. genesis98

    Field Expedient Antennas

    This is pretty much a lost art in the reserves, it's not given the attention it deserves I know I am not nearly as strong at antenna building as I should be. Could some of you guys give me an idea of some different types of antennas, aswell as what should be carried in a Field expedient antenna kit.
  20. genesis98

    Dave's army surplus

    anybody know what's going on with his site? I'd really like to know what they have to offer