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  1. MarkOttawa

    Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

    UK Chief of Defence Staff highlights need to pay attention to Russian activities in High North/Arctic and North Atlantic--yet RCN says almost nothing about NATO ASW mission vs Russian subs (plus RN agreement with CCG for Arctic training): 1)...
  2. MarkOttawa

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    Have read, excellent book. The bit on the cover illustrates how Tamm was prescient about repression of ethnic minorities, esp. Uyghurs of Xinjiang; remember at the time of von Mannerheim's trip (quite a fellow) the Han grip on Xinjiang (East Turkestan) was much weaker and Tibet was effectively...
  3. MarkOttawa

    Hypersonic Strike Vehicle

    1) Oct. 12: 2) But US Army moving smartly ahead: Mark Ottawa
  4. MarkOttawa

    Great Britain Offers to help Canada defend its Arctic (CBC)

    Looks like, as so often, Mr Brewster was torquing things--RoyalNavy interested in High North up from GIUK Gap plus Norwegian, Barents Seas--to work with CCG:
  5. MarkOttawa

    Fighting & Winning The Global War on Terror (WW IV)

    Very good, wide-ranging CGAI podcast with Andrea Charron, Eugene Lang, Dick Fadden: Mark Ottawa
  6. MarkOttawa

    Replacing the Subs

    Message from ML Institute: Mark Ottawa
  7. MarkOttawa

    Hypersonic Strike Vehicle

    Missiles looking for missions--USAF secretary (an extremely capable fellow) is not best pleased: Mark Ottawa
  8. MarkOttawa

    Hypersonic Strike Vehicle

    Efforts to get these missiles in service and in top form are, er, accelerating, no indication of any real negativity from the Biden administration–at Aviation Week and Space Technology: Two years before the first battery is fielded, the next stage of technology development for a joint U.S...
  9. MarkOttawa

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    USAF (and HASC) really putting the screws to LockMart:
  10. MarkOttawa

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    USAF getting set to try to chop F-35A numbers?
  11. MarkOttawa

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    House Armed Services Committee getting sceptical: HASC Defense Policy Bill Doubles Down On F-35 Oversight HASC chides that "the majority" of GAO recommendations on how DoD could better manage the F-35's nearly $1.3 billion sustainment costs "remain open," in some cases for more than seven...
  12. MarkOttawa

    New Fighter

    Looks like LockMart's Skunk Works working on NGAD at new facility (note also hypersonics):
  13. MarkOttawa

    Report of the SC on National Defence: "Canada and the Defence of North America"

    Hmm--Joint Statement released just before fall of Kabul and call of Canadian election--no real specifics or firm commitments: Mark Ottawa
  14. MarkOttawa

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    Very good Finnish blogger Corporal Frisk on why Rafale's nuclear mission is relevant to capabilities needed for new Finnish fighter, and lots of good technical details on the Dassault plane at this post--also interesting discussion of French nuclear weapons doctrine including their version of...
  15. MarkOttawa

    Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

    Greenland card, with Canadian content:
  16. MarkOttawa

    Defending Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

    Meanwhile US Navy is really interested in European NATO's "high north" off Norway, not in North American Arctic: BTW the Vice Commander of US 2nd Fleet is an RCN Rear-Admiral: https://www.c2f.usff.navy.mil/Leadership/Article/1961644/rear-adm-steve-waddell/ Mark Ottawa
  17. MarkOttawa

    US Navy Woes

    Two aspects of US Navy's problems: 1) Less jointery? USN (and indeed other services) seem increasingly up that creek and running out of paddles with which to take on PRC in Western Pacific without needing to go nuclear to "win". As for those war games, re-upping this article from The...
  18. MarkOttawa

    US to change strategic thinking after wargames predict colossal defeat

    More at The Drive's "War Zone" (great site): Mark Ottawa
  19. MarkOttawa

    Report of the SC on National Defence: "Canada and the Defence of North America"

    No mention of NORAD or NATO in this story on USAF's developing its Arctic strategy--Norway noted, not Canada:
  20. MarkOttawa

    US military's vulnerabilities vs. China, Russia

    JCS not happy with results of this war game, hoping to defeat PRC with lots of new super-duper high tech (JADC2 etc)--at Defense One: