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  1. blackberet17

    Employment Opportunities at VAC

  2. blackberet17

    SMESC and phases in SoM

    Hi folks, New OC at the unit, and he was DS on AOC, plus Staff College. In a recent set of orders for a Sqn shake-out ex, his Scheme of Manoeuver was a single paragraph. Me being an eager Battle Captain, and having to rewrite a portion of the orders because of last minute changes all over the...
  3. blackberet17

    Stephen Harper pledges expansion of military reserves

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/stephen-harper-pledges-expansion-of-military-reserves-1.3193200 Stephen Harper pledges expansion of military reserves Conservative leader announced series of proposals to boost military reserves during Fredericton campaign stop
  4. blackberet17

    Div restrictions on TCV

    Received in an e-mail a couple weeks ago: We're having fun with this one... "A route or alternate route that uses any part (including crossing) a hwy with a speed limit exceeding 80 kph will not be supported."
  5. blackberet17

    VAC Disability Adjudicator Job Poster

    https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page1800?poster=816915&toggleLanguage=en Important selection criterion:
  6. blackberet17

    Iltis & light patrol vehicles (from: TAPV thread)

    Where did I park my Iltis again? Oh, wait...
  7. blackberet17

    Veterans Affairs drops survey of vets' satisfaction rates

  8. blackberet17

    VAC Minister: staff will look at cases of denied benefits

  9. blackberet17

    Colonel and woman Lt Colonel suspended after embarrassing 'affair' exposed by he

    Colonel and woman Lt Colonel suspended after embarrassing 'affair' exposed by her fiancé http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1326422/Colonel-Phil-Harrison-Lt-Colonel-Debbie-Slay-suspended-Army-embarrassing-affair.html
  10. blackberet17

    Mother hopes cross-Canada trip will help daughter, 23, hit with brain cancer

    Both mother and daughter are current/ex-serving members, the mom RegF and the daughter PRes. Just sharing. Mother hopes cross-Canada trip will help daughter, 23, hit with brain cancer Craig Pearson Jul 28, 2014 - 4:09 PM EDT Last Updated: Jul 28, 2014 - 9:05 PM EDT A Windsor woman who had...
  11. blackberet17

    Senator Dallaire retiring from Senate

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/romeo-dallaire-senate-liberal-retiring-from-parliament-1.2656795 Liberal Senator Romeo Dallaire says he's retiring from the Senate. CBC News Network's Evan Solomon reports Dallaire is retiring because of a combination of issues: His desire to spend more time on...
  12. blackberet17

    2014 Rate Tables

  13. blackberet17

    PRes Armd O to RegF Armd O questions

    Hello all, I've been thinking about CT-ing. A couple of my troops have CT'd in the last while, but all of them out of Armd. My preference, lovin' the blackhat, is to remain Armd - after all the trg I've gone through thus far, I sure as hell don't want to change. So, I got my PRes Armd Recce Tp...
  14. blackberet17

    Name that pin (From: Remembrance Day => Veterans Day?)

    @E.R. Campbell: I'm intrigued by your lapel pin. Is that a bird in the centre? An hour's search of lapel pins online has allowed me to find a lot of really ugly bird pins. What does yours represent?
  15. blackberet17

    Poor and Rustic: Canada's Army vs. the Screaming Eagles

    http://www.mackenzieinstitute.com/2000/2000_06_02_Military_Eagles.html I checked the search engine, and couldn't find if this had been posted prior. It is from 2000, but struck me. I'd like to see the author conduct a review, and see if his/her opinion has changed. Now, discuss amongst...
  16. blackberet17

    BFT with a .50?!

    Hey all, I met a guy the other day, and we chatted about his past days in the CF. He mentioned he used to do the BFT with the .50 cal in hand (I was out on a trail by home with my ruck, workup trg for my unit fall BFT). They'd pass it between each other during the march, but I just can't see...
  17. blackberet17

    Weapons qualifications

    How often would a CF member be required to qualify on various weapons systems? I was wondering if there was a difference between trades (combat, purple, diver, Tech) or such, whereby some qualify every year, whereas others qualify every two or even three years. I came across something the other...
  18. blackberet17

    CAP 2010

    Hello all, Great forum, and tons of help. As a newbie in the midsts of Res BMQ, the amount of info and helpful stuff I've found here has been invaluable. I came across an old thread on CAP, with the latest post being December 09, but figured I should post new, in case a new post in an old...