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    All things Charlottesville (merged)

    Not sure if this belongs in US politics or Terrorism... personally, I go with the latter and hope that this POS goes away for a long long time: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/man-accused-of-ramming-protesters-pictured-with-racist-group-1.3543776 Moreover, Trump's oratory skills seem to be...
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    Canadian Forces helicopter capabilities (from pending Africa peace mission thread)

    So long as none of the SA-7s and SA-24's that Mali rebels may possess don't show up. With any luck these will be the same as the magical MANPADs the int reports always reported the Taliban as having. Replacing Apaches with Griffons is akin to replacing a Leo II with a LAV...
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    Force Symetry vs Capabiltiy concentration, from: the regiment as a regular force formation & explori

    The Arty plan is to keep 3 Regiments with 2 Batteries of M777, 1 OP battery, and a STA Battery (with 2 coy level STA assets and 1 Div/Corps level asset) and 4 Arty Regiment, RCA as a STA/AD Regiment with SUAV, MRR, and a future AD assets of whatever sort is acquired. M777s could be consolidated...
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    Laser AD weapons

    Shared with all the normal requirements. This would be a good start for looking at a future AD shooter capability.  It appears on the outside to meet the requirement of a Canadian produced system, serviceable in Canada (In St. Jean Sur Richelieu), and combats the two main air threats of the...
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    4 GSR vs All Arms Arty Regiments

    Currently, there is talk of creating the "4 GSR", which would consist of Air Defence, STA, and Counter Battery (HIMARS) Batteries making up what used to be 4 AD.  Also, there's the thought of creating the all arm arty Regiment, which would see 1 and 2 RCHA and 5 RALC consist of a Field Battery...