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  1. Gun Shy

    wanted CF Army Forage in good condition

    I would like to buy a CF Army Forage Cap in good condition in size from 7 1/4 to 7 1/2.
  2. Gun Shy

    Roy Garnett (korea???)

    i am looking ofr information on whether Roy Garnett served with the guns in Korea. I don't know which rotation or unit, so far it is just a rumor.
  3. Gun Shy

    drill movements

    The problem is that there is never enough time to teach all the subjects required during a P Res BMQ. I taught a 16 day BMQ. It was ridiculous to try teach some subjects that were required to teach additional periods were dropped out of the course. I.e. Mark Time. Which was required to to teach...
  4. Gun Shy

    locating artillery

    Locating Artillery is definitly a branch of the Field Artillery. Locating was first introduced during WWI by a General McNaugton who was an artilley officer. Today Locating takes the form of UAV‘s which are currently traing a troop for deployment to Afganistan for OP Athena. There is also...