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  1. Gunner109

    IFCCS 5.2

    This is a reason, that the top two lines are read allowed to ensure everything is still good to go before firing and that the first rd of adj and FFE are map checked.  The senior supervisor ( The NCM ) would know this.
  2. Gunner109

    passing of Dearman, Paul Michael

    MWO Paul Dearman was my TSM in C troop H Bty 3 RCHA.  A great TSM that mentored me from Gnr to MBdr.  It was a huge shock when I heard he passed away.  As mentioned, he was big and loud.  I remember he had great Christmas parties at his house and his wife made such a huge spread for everyone to...
  3. Gunner109

    about joining...

    Who cares what someones sexual pref is?  Dont we have more important things to deal with?  Gay/Bi/ Str8/Trans,  who gives a f***  as long as you can do the job.  Are we not passed what used to be an issue? its time for those in the passed to get into the 21st Century and get over it.  No room...
  4. Gunner109

    1 or 2 RCHA

    Arty god. Yes I was in H Bty.
  5. Gunner109


    I dont think the 109's will come back but then again the Leopard's are coming back...  I know that they are putting a 109 at the front gate of Shilo.  A second one is for spare parts for the on in the Shilo museum (25B)  ....and no, it isnt a Germany gun from C Bty as people think.  It is an...
  6. Gunner109

    1 or 2 RCHA

    I was in 3 Horse for 6 yrs and 2 Horse for 10 yrs.  I have to say I have a much better time in 2 HA.  It is a better place I think because you are on a base with the rest of the Bde, unlike 1 Hourse in Shilo. Petawawa is a fantastic base, a true warriors training ground. But both Regiments are...
  7. Gunner109

    Posted to 2 RCHA...

    I was in 2 HA for 10 yrs from 92-02. The unit is not as big as it should be but has 4 Batterys.  D,E,F and HQ and Services.  If you are a Sig you will probably be in HA and Svc's Bty.  It has a large compound in the 'Z Lines'  This Regt has always been the smallest in numbers but is a great...
  8. Gunner109

    Anybody in 2RCHA in between 98 and 00.

    I was in D,E F, and HQ and Svcs Bty's  92-02
  9. Gunner109

    Arty Sites-[Please Add]

    http://www.petrowilliamus.co.uk/pointgrey/pointgrey.htm http://www.westerncommand.com/vancouver-defended.htm
  10. Gunner109


    Don is in Vancouver and is a Mbr of the 15th Fd Regt.  Try the Gnr contacts at  Artillery.net
  11. Gunner109


  12. Gunner109


    Hey lookin for an old army buddy named Matt Gordon,  he was in the ARTILLERY reserves in 93 and moved out west.  Anyone heard from. him
  13. Gunner109

    Mortars: 51 mm, 60 mm, 81 mm, 120 mm & more

    Just got back from my TSMs crse. The attitude of the School seems to be that we (arty) want to move away from mortars all together.  This I think will be a good thing except maybe keeping a Bty that has the ability to employ it like the Para bty did.  Maybe the SOG will have that.  Who knows. ...
  14. Gunner109

    looking for an old friend - Dave Bell

    Really?  not sure if we are talkin about the same guy.  Dave that I knew joined in 86 with me.  I was in Shilo last summer and no one had heard from him.  Thanks anyway.
  15. Gunner109

    Replacing the M109s

    No, the relation to - and + angle for the barrel is equated to the versitality of the platform.  The MOBAT can fire 6400Mils so the idea that it can't drop to -80 mils is mute.  The terain will decide as to how the gun/platform will deploy.
  16. Gunner109

    Farewell to arms - guns retired

    I would have to say that the demise of the M 109 is tragic.  It is systemic of the way the army is going.  First it was the 81mm taken from the infanty to the arty, now the M 109's going away.  Seems to me that it is a money saving sceem.  It is trully a sad day for the Arty and the Army as a whole.
  17. Gunner109

    looking for an old friend - Dave Bell

    Hi I am trying to get in touch with an old army buddy.  We went through battle School and were in H Bty 3 RCHA together, his name is Dave Bell.  He got out around 1992.  Please let me know if you know of him. Thanks
  18. Gunner109

    Dallaire recalls Rwandan death threat

    I have to agree. Gen Dallaire is an outstanding Soldier who cares for his troops and the mission. His book, while depressing is a great book. It compliments Gen MacKenzies book WRT the poor direction of the UN. After the first deployment of troops under NATO I agree that they can do the job...
  19. Gunner109

    Voice or Data

    I agree with keeping some type of voice communication. nothing can express to sit rep better than the articulation of the person speaking. As for orders from CP to Guns, there must be a system in place for people to talk and to confirm data. GACS was an old system that was not used very...
  20. Gunner109

    New IRC Chatroom for Army.ca

    Hello Mike, I cant seem to get logged into the chat room, I followed the first set up steps you provided and used the latest version from your last post, it just keeps trying to connect. any suggestions? Thanks Joe