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  1. Humphrey Bogart

    Deindustrialization of Canada

    So this happened in my hometown last week: More at the link: https://globalnews.ca/news/6162514/glencore-to-close-brunswick-lead-smelter-in-belledune-n-b-by-year-end/ Yet another large factory with good paying jobs goes the way of the dinosaur in that part of Canada.  A combination of carbon...
  2. Humphrey Bogart

    Creative Assembly's Total War Series

    Does anyone on here play?  I have been playing these games since the first Shogun Total War was released in 2000 and own every game in the series with the exception of Warhammer I & II (not in to fantasy games unfortunately). My personal favorites are Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai (have around...
  3. Humphrey Bogart

    The UK’s Secret Military Unit that Answers to Saudi Arabian Commanders

    Large Article outlining long term British Military Training & Advice to the Saudi Arabian National Guard & Saudi Royal Family.  Pretty good indicator on why our pleas for help in dealing with the Saudis will be laughed at and dismissed. The UK’s Secret military unit that Answers to Saudi...
  4. Humphrey Bogart

    Impact to CAF: General Election 2019

    Alright folks, the election is over and I've started this thread as hopefully a way of generating discussion on where we think the National Defence file is headed with the election of a Liberal Minority Government. I personally think that for now, it will remain status quo but there are a few...
  5. Humphrey Bogart

    Houthis claim to have destroyed/captured 3 Saudi Brigades inside KSA

    https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/09/yemen-houthi-rebels-release-saudi-attack-video-190929130644121.html More at link The Houthis supposedly infiltrated Infantry units in to KSA itself to conduct ambushes and when they realized they had caught the Saudis completely off guard, they launched...
  6. Humphrey Bogart

    Houthis Strike Saudi Oil Facilities

    More at link: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-49703143#
  7. Humphrey Bogart

    Florida deputy accused of planting drugs in traffic stops

    A friend of mine shared this on facebook this morning, all I can say is wow! More at the link https://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/florida-deputy-accused-of-planting-drugs-in-traffic-stops-20190712/ Couple of highlights: - Prosecutors have so far dropped 120 cases connected to the...
  8. Humphrey Bogart

    A Visit to the James Bay Hydro Project: Government Investment Done Right

    I rarely wade in to the political debates on this site but I just recently returned from Baie James, QC where I visited the Robert Bourassa Hydro Electric Dam which if you are unfamiliar, is the sixth largest Hydro Dam in the World and produces enough power to provide electricity for the entire...
  9. Humphrey Bogart

    Victimization of Veterans

    http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/nova-scotia/springhill-house-fire-death-suspicious-fire-1.4590486 Only in Canada would a piece of garbage who murders his partner be labelled a victim.  This article disgusts me, I mentions his partner only in name and then goes in to a monologue on how "hard...
  10. Humphrey Bogart

    The French Army 1978-2015 Assessment of 37 Years of Uninterrupted Operations

    Centre de Doctrine d'Emploi des Forces (CDEF) of the French Army has just published a lessons learned document which gives an assessment of the French Army's performance on over 70 overseas operations during the past 30+ years. I've attached the link to the document below, enjoy...
  11. Humphrey Bogart

    Tactical Nukes in 4 brigade (a split thread)

    So there was a point in time when the DS solution was "Just Nuke Em"  >:D >:D
  12. Humphrey Bogart

    Rugby World Cup 2015 (Canada/Other Teams Discussion)

    So I just got back from watching Canada get hammered by the USA 41-23 in what was another dour performance by our boys in red.  I know we've got a couple of rugby fans on this forum so I'd like to see if anyone is interested in a discussion about the upcoming Rugby World Cup, which is third...
  13. Humphrey Bogart

    Canadian Civilians Fighting ISIS (including threats to YPG)

    Surprised this hasn't been posted yet Courtesy of the National Post: http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/11/21/canadian-who-volunteered-to-fight-with-kurds-against-isis-says-its-the-right-thing-to-do/ - mod edit to clarify content -
  14. Humphrey Bogart

    Domestic Terrorism/Public Attacks on CAF Personnel

    Potential terror attack in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu on Canadian Forces members, more to follow. Courtesy of The National Post http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/10/20/driver-runs-over-two-canadian-soldiers-outside-montreal-police-shoot-and-kill-driver-after-high-speed-chase/ - mod edit to add...
  15. Humphrey Bogart


    Big upsets today in the Olympics Slovenia beating Slovakia 3-1 and Switzerland beating Czech Republic 1-0.  The tournament is looking like it's going to be ultra competitive.  Canada plays Finland tomorrow and that should give us a good litmus test of where the boys are at.
  16. Humphrey Bogart

    Canada has to have the worst sports media in the world!

    So this morning I wake up and go on facebook and find out that the Canadian Women's Rugby team beat England yesterday to win the Nations Cup which is a major women's international rugby tournament.  This is the second time in over a week Canada has beaten the England team (They had not beaten...
  17. Humphrey Bogart

    Canadian Rugby Team 2012

    Only its not Ice Hockey ;D Canada plays Russia today in Colwyn Bay, Wales in their second international during this international rugby test period.  The boys played Samoa last weekend and lost 42-12, which left a lot to be desired.  Samoa just beat Wales 26-19 so we always were going to have...
  18. Humphrey Bogart

    Transporting Controlled Goods to the UK

    Good afternoon, On 17 Oct a section from 3 RCR is departing Canada for the UK to participate in the Cambrian Patrol.  We have hit all our checks in the box as far as VCR's, DAGs, etc.. are concerned; however, we have run into a snag when it comes to transporting controlled goods i.e. NVG's...
  19. Humphrey Bogart

    South African Police Open Fire on Charging Miners 30+ Killed

    Courtesy Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/south-africa-police-ministry-more-than-30-striking-miners-killed-in-lonmin-plc-mine-shooting/2012/08/17/26772cb0-e832-11e1-9739-eef99c5fb285_print.html A video of the incident can be found here...
  20. Humphrey Bogart

    Caribbean Junior Command and Staff Course

    Just wondering if anybody has ever attended this course and what exactly attendance entails?