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  1. MedTechStudent

    Posting To Meaford.

    Hello everyone, I'm just putting this up to request any information that anyone here has about Meaford.  It is starting to look like that will be home sweet home for me as of July this year.  I'm 3 weeks shy of finishing my PCP course out here in BC, then back to CFB Borden for grad, then off...
  2. MedTechStudent

    Quick Question

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30398236&id=1151433715#/photo.php?pid=30398285&id=1151433715 What's the deal with the Army Cadets wearing the Medical Service Cap Badge? I don't even get mine till I'm done at the J.I so needless to say, just a tad curious.  :P Cheers, Kyle
  3. MedTechStudent

    Kyle's Take On BMQ (For all those waiting to leave...)

    Hello, before I left for BMQ I was in here all the bloody time.  Now that BMQ is over and I have come to waste away the days on PRETC in Borden I will get right back to it I suppose.  To new members, this site is a great source of info if you're willing to take the time to read it.  So, how is...
  4. MedTechStudent

    "Cyber Bullying"

    So I was watching Global News just now and there was a story about the severity of "Cyber Bullying."  I don't have any links because I just wanted to discuss this in general.  In my personal opinion, I think that kids are mean to each other, and that the internet is just a different way to act...
  5. MedTechStudent

    Stage 1 Complete

    This is what they all say...but this will be brief. My names Kyle, born Jan 1st 1990.  Applied to the military (again) May 21st 2008. Waited a while, some file mix ups, you know how it is.  Got my call today July 10th 2008. A lot of worrying, a lot of stress but now I'm all mellowed out and...
  6. MedTechStudent

    Bizarre Find!!

    Ok so, I was driving home from my friend Ben's house last night about to get onto the HWY 115 onramp and I saw the outline of headphones on the street.  Now ironically enough I had just broken my I-Pod headphones and was like "hey maybe they work and I can use them."  So I spin the car around...
  7. MedTechStudent

    Exercise "Striking Serpent"

    Oh this looks like so much fun.  You know the useful kind of fun where you still learn something.   ;) Anyone here done it?  If so, what was it like? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iw_P6_pb5o EDIT: Yes this is a year old, but they say in the end of the video they are repeating the exercise...
  8. MedTechStudent

    "Worst Movie Of All Time"

    What Is The Worst Movie You've Ever Seen, And Why? Preferably high budget movies that most people would know.  Even though there are tons of terrible B List movies out there! My Top Three: 3- Jaws The Revenge (Unrealistic plot and terrible effects.) 2- Gigli (Terrible acting on both parts...
  9. MedTechStudent

    Quick Random Question

    I've looked in Google and such, but found nothing consistent or credible. Does anyone here know without a doubt, the true reason why the US Military wears their Flags backwards on the uniform? Its just been bugging me.  ???
  10. MedTechStudent

    Advice To New Members + Add ons!

    Ok, I thought this might be a cool idea.  Yes there are army.ca guidelines and regulations.  But since its obvious that not everyone reads them, I thought I would try to start a friendly post full of good and practical advice for new members on this site.  :) Being that I was a new member not...
  11. MedTechStudent

    Dog Owners

    So who here has dogs?  I just got my second German Shepherd puppy.  Her name is Juno and she is beautiful.   ;D
  12. MedTechStudent

    Language Training For MedTechs Post Course

    Hey there, so I strolled into CFRC Toronto yesterday for my interview.  Went well, every things in order, file was reopened, merit listed, and so on.  But while the Lieutenant(Navy) was talking to me about the course overview he mentions that there "might be some second language training after...
  13. MedTechStudent

    One Year Anniversary of Madeleine Mccann Disappearance

    This story's one year anniversary actually was on May 3 but I forgot about it till reading through the old headlines.  Nothing about it in here I noticed though. Anyone who dose not know the story, here it is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_McCann and also http://www.findmadeleine.com/...
  14. MedTechStudent

    Burma Situation

    First of all, greetings from England! Ok so I'm sure that the majority of people in here are aware of the Cyclone that went through Burma recently and washed a tidal wave about 60 miles inland.  Now the situation is there are estimated up to 100, 000 death with millions still in danger of dying...
  15. MedTechStudent

    Hello Operator Tour!!

    Hey guys just thought I would put up a couple pictures from that tour I did for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy... or don't, your choice ;D Well looks like only one picture wanted to work, oh well.
  16. MedTechStudent

    Who should MDs let die for a Bad Fashion Statement?

    People Who Should Just Be Left To Die: Pedophiliac Religious Officials Evil Doers The World Over The Directors Of Gili, Glitter, and Crossroads  EDIT: Oh ya and Crocs
  17. MedTechStudent

    Attracting Woman/Men With PHEROMONES?!

    http://gilroypheromones.com/k/eBaumsWorld.aspx?a=DD Lol basically this article says that this "Icebreaker" cologne stuff will attract women to you and make you irresistible and all this other stuff. Me personally I don't believe it, I think its a mental sort of placebo effect.  Which is to say...
  18. MedTechStudent

    A Tough Choice

    Hello everyone, some of you might remember me being in here very regularly a couple months ago.  Then I wasn't, so I'm going to tell you what happened with my recruitment process. By December, I still had not heard anything from the CF about my application, and I was starting to get nervous.  I...
  19. MedTechStudent

    CF Soccer Teams?

    Hi, I searched for a thread about this but could not really find anything specific so here it goes.  Once your training is done and your working, OR, even when your training is going on maybe ( I have no idea).  Do Canadian Forces Bases have sports teams you can join and compete in against...
  20. MedTechStudent

    Canadian/UK/Australian Militarys...Experience??

    I'm not totally sure if this topic will be allowed because it might just open up the floor to argument or country bashing.  If that's the case then delete it please by all means.  My question is to all the people who have served with the CF for extended periods.  My mother is from the UK, my...