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  1. downhillslide

    "Rad" Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters CMM, DSO, MC, CD - 11 Jan 1920 to 21 Apr 2015

    I have been looking for an obituary since yesterday evening and at this point have been unable to find one. Has anybody actually seen one?
  2. downhillslide

    Decision Letter

    20 weeks and counting. With no firm date in sight and vague answers to pointed questions. Nothing new here.
  3. downhillslide

    Old Dragoon (RCD)

    Thanks for the advice, I searched their Facebook page extensively to no avail. I am hoping that no news is good news. I also checked  411.ca etc with a possible dead end and a number that was disconnected temporarily at the request of the owner. Harold served in the 60-80 time frame.
  4. downhillslide

    Old Dragoon (RCD)

    I was chatting with my father  X9C RCD, who had heard a rumour that Harold Hutchinson had passed away. I contacted his estranged son who is overseas, his response (informing me he has not had contact with his family in a long time) So having opened that can of worms to Harolds' son I told him I...
  5. downhillslide

    Soldier charged with 2010 Brandon murder; pleads guilty to manslaughter

    Where does this stand now?Facts only please.
  6. downhillslide

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Same deal (born in Germany Cdn Army Brat) trying to get a replacement SIN. Certificate of Birth abroad not acceptable nor is passport  or Mil ID to prove you are Canadian citizen, told to apply for Certificate of Canadian citizen card through Immigration Canada where they will accept my...
  7. downhillslide

    Petawawa Thread- Merged

    Go to IRP they will put you in touch with the right staff.
  8. downhillslide

    On the fence

    You do not have to tell your chain of command . Go to MIR and ask to speak to an adictions councellor. He or she will take it from there.
  9. downhillslide

    Capt. Robert Semrau Charged With Murder in Afghanistan

    The only thing to do when confronted with an injured combatant is to administer or have administered first aid. Putting the guy out of his misery is not the way to go. Lots of factors will guide your decision and the most important being The Law of Armed Conflict. and all its statutes.
  10. downhillslide

    Capt. Robert Semrau Charged With Murder in Afghanistan

    Not a big poster here what so ever but every once in a while we see the time and place. Too many people have gotten wrapped around the good guy bad guy thing, as well as mercy killing. Think moral dilemma, Semrau had one. He could have done or ordered what we are trained to do. he did not and...
  11. downhillslide

    ANZAC Day 2010

    Just spent three weeks on the Gold Coast for a visit. It was fantastic and the ANZAC Cookies were great (various Brand names). Ran into an old Aussie Arty guy at the Market on Mt Tamborine. Gotta visit the Island again soon.
  12. downhillslide

    Abandoned guns 105 mm

    In ending my participation in this, as I started it. I have contacted two people who would want to look into it. I am sure there could be much to say to keep this topic alive, however it would be meaningless. The important things have been said. Security, COLOURS, and we even mention...
  13. downhillslide

    Abandoned guns 105 mm

    So we can just walk away from our kit? Experience dictates that somebody must stay with ( even if it means hours with out food, we are soldiers. Breach taken out, does not make it any better. One word. COLOURS.
  14. downhillslide

    Abandoned guns 105 mm

    Petard check yours
  15. downhillslide

    Most dreadful PT experience

    I would agree with the teaching but the order of practice is very dependent on the situation, for example: Basic Training                      Home Base/Training                    Field Operations Myself                                Men                                        Mission Men     ...
  16. downhillslide

    Abandoned guns 105 mm

    This AM I saw two guns on a flat bed near Grand Bay Westfield, off of highway 7 just sitting there, no 18 wheeler and no sentry WTF is that all about? I plan on calling a few folks who may know who they belong to. Shocked me to no end.
  17. downhillslide

    The Matt Stopford Saga

    Matt, keep standing tall for all soldiers. You have put up with plenty of crap for way too long. Hang in there.
  18. downhillslide

    Dana LeBoutillier or CD Girard 1991 Baden - know them? they witnessed a will

    I knew Pete. Am shocked to hear this. Can you PM or email me so that I may pass details through the AD C of C.