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    Artillery Callsigns?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to make an aide-memoire for standard artillery callsigns, both at the Regiment and Battery level. Where is the reference that would have these? e.g. Regiment CO - 9 Battery BC - 19 etc....
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    CANSEC 2009, Wed & Thu in Ottawa

    The show was pretty decent but as usual, very air force and navy-centric, lots of major corporations trying to sell us new boats, etc...  and I was disappointed that CPgear didn't show up this year. Having said that, there were some good exhibits and I got some free goodies, as well as some...
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    Helmet upgrades ? MICH / ACH style pads in CAF style kevlar, any one done one?

    Does anyone know of a Canadian retailer or kit shop that sells these? I'm looking for a cheap and temporary way to make the helmet more comfortable. I see that bulletproofme.com has them but I don't know yet if they're willing to mail them to Canada...