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  1. lennoj

    RTWP and TCP question.

    I have a question for you policy experts out there. Scenario: - Member is a Cls B P.Res member and is injured. - The member is on the Return to Work Program (No class of service while on the RTWP as a P.Res mbr) - The member worked a normal work week within their MEL everyday at their unit...
  2. lennoj

    Any Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead/Combined Ops Players out there?

    Ref: http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/90905/post-895236.html#msg895236 The thread above is old with no action. I was wondering if anyone here has taken up Arma 2:OA/CO lately seeing how its free now via bohemia studios. Myself and a few others are looking for more people to join our...
  3. lennoj

    Civy Tailor - Ottawa

    I am looking for recommendations for a civy tailor with experience with DEUs, and a good turn around time here in Ottawa. Thank you,
  4. lennoj


    During SQ we were given a laminated 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper with the 16 (now 15?) stages of battle procedure, and other useful information such as clock ray, 9-liners, contant reps and other useful information to store away in your FMP. I am wondering if anyone has a link to that reference...
  5. lennoj

    lennoj ---> NightSins

    I enjoyed the book...
  6. lennoj

    request:Kitshop at NDHQ Contact information

    First - I hope I have posted this in the right section. I need to set up an appointment to get kit which I am missing/haven't been issued. Could someone PM me the e-mail/phone contacts to the kitshop at NDHQ(Ottawa)? Also if you have a list of full kit that would be appreciated as well. Thank you.
  7. lennoj

    Athabasca Univ./Online Courses

    Out of curiosity; would there any Reg Force or P.Res class B members that have taken any correspondence/online courses through Athabasca Univ? I am mainly interested in those who have completed a course or a degree via correspondence or online that may have some good advice or reviews to give...
  8. lennoj

    What the $^#*....

    Gotcha, Well done Army.ca/Milnet.ca administrators, moderators and content contributors. Excellent job on the forums, wiki, photogallery, and everything else in between! I am relatively new to the community, and this online niche has already sucked me in ;) Thank you, On a side note - have...