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  1. Cleared Hot

    Professional engineer through the C.F.

    While I can not directly speak to the specifics (I'm not an engineer) the short answer is yes.  I have a number of friends who are in various classifications including Artillery who rec'd their PEng designation a few years after graduating from RMC with Eng degrees.  If an Arty Officer can do it...
  2. Cleared Hot

    TCAT-PCAT info and questions ( merged )

    CFAO 11-6 doesn't actually say you can't be promoted, it only says an officer's promotion "may" be deferred or denied but then again check out  DAOD 5023-1 where it states... Career Implications Any period of retention subject to employment limitations is a transitional period of service...
  3. Cleared Hot

    Saskatchewan offers Academic Scholarship to CF members

    I don't know when they activated the web page but since there is no link to the page that has the application forms on this thread yet, here it is... http://www.aeel.gov.sk.ca/soh
  4. Cleared Hot

    Husband Deploying from Trenton-seeing him off?

    Goodbyes are a very personal thing and everyone handles them differently but IMO don't go.  I understand that it is about both the member and the family but the worst part of leaving is always the "breaking contact" if you will.  The longer it takes to say goodbye the longer it prolongs the...
  5. Cleared Hot

    Assault Pioneers & Assault Troopers (engineer light of the Inf & Armd)

    Why is this in the Engineer forum?
  6. Cleared Hot

    Does anyone still consider Artillery an area weapon?

    Really??? 60mm, 81mm, 105mm, 155mm, all area weapons of various sizes.  Oddly a GBU-10 isn't. I'm going to go out on a limb and say an area weapon isn't defined by the lethal radius of a single round.  Then again I'm new at this whole fire support thing.  ???
  7. Cleared Hot

    UWO Faculty of Law creates new admission category for med released CF Members

    If anyone is so inclined, this summer, the University of Western Ontario implemented a new admission catergory to its Faculty of Law.  While there are still a number of hoops to jump through, in recognition of their service, leadership abilities, maturity etc. the university fast-tracks and...
  8. Cleared Hot

    Command Badges

    Holy Smokes! How hard is it to put three little pins through your breast pocket because someone told you to.  I didn't even think it was a molehill let alone a mountain.  Man, you want people to take pride in something I say birthday suits all around!  Maybe that will address appearance issues...
  9. Cleared Hot

    Does anyone still consider Artillery an area weapon?

    Okay, GnyHwy you are losing me.  Looking back at your first post you pose the question "is the concept of arty as an area weapon outdated?" then you go on talking about accuracy and the error budget etc.  Those two concepts are not mutually exclusive.  Even if employed as an area weapon we have...
  10. Cleared Hot

    Does anyone still consider Artillery an area weapon?

    I guess I just don't see the point of the argument.  Precision or area, we can have both so why bother to choose?  Most of the advances in technology that have improved accuracy (excluding TLE) have been based on the projectile i.e. GPS guided, CCF, laser guided etc. (yes I know Copperhead is...
  11. Cleared Hot

    Do section cdrs want/need a PDA with info from their own mini-UAV?

    While unfortunately my crystal ball is in the shop, I will try to answer without it.  The question you pose is the crux of the whole issue - relationships.  C2 relationships, personal relationships, you name it.  I know the system as it is supposed to work and I believe there are sufficient...
  12. Cleared Hot

    Do section cdrs want/need a PDA with info from their own mini-UAV?

    It's an interesting idea but like anything else the real answer is mission specific.  Can you imagine going on a BG op and having every section in the BG with their own UAV?  There would be so many of those things flying around it would be silly, not to mention most likely very innefficient and...
  13. Cleared Hot

    FAC Teams

    Know your lane young Padawan!  First off thanks to George for pointing out the most obvious historical inaccuracies, however, where to begin?  While Canada has it's own doctrine with regard to CAS it is officially based largely on NATO doctrine.  Much of this however is set aside by the...
  14. Cleared Hot


    That is a very valid point and let's not kid ourselves, once an organization is identified for a tour, it is a virtual certainty that it is going, we just aren't big enough to do otherwise.  That being said, the goal shouldn't be to throw the baby out with the bathwater anyway.  Weak links...
  15. Cleared Hot


    But that mentality is part of the problem.  Afghanistan is not a high-intensity conflict.  Sure it has its high-intensity battles but as you know it is a counter-insurgency.  The way to win a counter-insurgency is not to have every combat troop you have advancing to contact every day. Ex DR was...
  16. Cleared Hot


    Just remember, to a degree CMTC doesn't really care if you as a soldier can do your job, nor are you expected to learn anything on MG.  Army training is successive in nature starting with IBTS, moving to pairs, section, platoon/platoon gp, Coy/ Cbt Tm etc. (and their support trade eqs). By the...
  17. Cleared Hot

    CT -- Reserves into ROTP/RMC (merged)

    Agreed.  I did the RESO thing for a number of years at a unit out east before CTing a long time ago.  Back then our CO would not take any MITSIP (I don't actually know what the acronym was) because it took them so long to get trained they were often moving on before they were fully qualified.  I...
  18. Cleared Hot

    CT -- Reserves into ROTP/RMC (merged)

    Absolutely, I never said don't do it.  Just pointing out that you have to be prepared to answer those kind of questions when the CO brings them up.  When spots are few, the CO will go with the person they think they can get the most utility out of.  Yes most units have many spots NCMs but for...
  19. Cleared Hot

    CT -- Reserves into ROTP/RMC (merged)

    Everything else aside, you say you want into RMC in 2010.  Assuming you are honest with the PRes unit you choose (about your motivation to join) why would they waste their time on money with you knowing you are leaving in less than a year? That is assuming your application to the PRes goes well...
  20. Cleared Hot

    Arty Question

    Hmmm, it's funny the stories that make their way around about stuff like that.  Back in my days as a "toon"  I was told it was because "reservists looked like real soldiers, sounded like real soldiers but weren't quite real soldiers."  :D