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  1. the 48th regulator

    Ontario paramedics using peer support to address mental health concerns

    A type of support I hold dear to me. http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/ontario-paramedics-using-peer-support-to-address-mental-health-concerns-1.3308480 dileas tess
  2. the 48th regulator

    Victory Motorcycles is closing down

    http://www.motofire.com/2017/01/news/victory-motorcycles-is-closing-down/ Polaris pull the plug on the entire range of Victory Motorcycles and their operations. Parent company Polaris – the same people who own Indian Motorcycles – have announced today that their cruiser brand, Victory, will no...
  3. the 48th regulator

    King of India developed rocket artillery that fired swords

    http://www.thevintagenews.com/2016/08/14/2500-years-old-sword-discovered-china-untarnished-condition/ In the late 1700s, a King of India developed rocket artillery that fired swords in order to fight the British Mysorean rockets were the first iron-cased rockets successfully deployed for...
  4. the 48th regulator

    Man makes sweaters of places takes photos of himself wearing them at the places

    http://dangerousminds.net/comments/man_makes_sweaters_of_places_and_takes_photos_of_himself_wearing_the_sweate Man makes sweaters of places and takes photos of himself wearing the sweaters at those places Everybody needs a hobby, right? Meet “sweater dude,” Sam Barsky whose hobby is to knit...
  5. the 48th regulator

    The war doesn’t end when soldiers return home

    https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/the-war-doesnt-end-when-soldiers-return-home/article33533540/?ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theglobeandmail.com&service=mobile The war doesn’t end when soldiers return home ROMÉO DALLAIRE Contributed to The Globe and Mail 8 hours ago January 8, 2017 When I...
  6. the 48th regulator

    Collectors and Imbibers of Alcoholic beverages.

    New Thread. Any pundits out there that can educate about the collection of good beverages? Spirtis, Wines, Beers and such? Let's get this going as this is a subject I see opening up for th future, both to enjoy and collect.
  7. the 48th regulator

    Not helping veterans could turn into national security problem: Military Ombudsm

    http://globalnews.ca/news/3167592/not-helping-veterans-could-turn-into-national-security-problem-military-ombudsman/ Not helping veterans could turn into national security problem: Military Ombudsman By Rebecca Joseph and Amy Minsky Global News Canada’s approach to transitioning Canadian...
  8. the 48th regulator

    The Petawawa Pantry will be opening its doors, the town’s very first food bank.

    http://www.thedailyobserver.ca/2017/01/06/petawawa-pantry-opens-jan-10 Petawawa Pantry opens Jan. 10 By Stephen Uhler, The Daily Observer Friday, January 6, 2017 3:26:02 EST PM Eric Strachan, vice-president of the newly formed Petawawa Pantry food bank, stands ready. The food bank...
  9. the 48th regulator

    New Zealand Navy welcomes first sailor with moko

    http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2017/01/navy-welcomes-first-sailor-with-moko.html Navy welcomes first sailor with moko It's bold, it's beautiful and now it's part of his uniform. After 20 years of service, Rawiri Barriball became the first person to get clearance from the Navy to...
  10. the 48th regulator

    What is your guilty pleasure??? (Trashy TV show thread)

    Survivor, and Celebrity Big Brother UK; just to name two of the latest
  11. the 48th regulator

    Titanic ( merged )

    Yep, I love good treasure hunts, and the Titanic was a massive find.  This seems like a history changer, if true! http://startouch.thestar.com/screens/fb89aab2-c004-48fa-917d-295df66d39ae%7C_0.html Before the iceberg, a fire may have doomed the Titanic A new documentary theorizes a coal...
  12. the 48th regulator

    Me, My Status, and moving forward.

    Hey Folks, I guess by now you know that I have been demoted, stripped of my status as Moderator.  I have also been restricted from much activity, and I am on the Watch list. Normally, I would pull a hussy fit take off for a while, come back and beg for my status.  Thing is, if you want to play...
  13. the 48th regulator

    Anyone watching "Hunting Hitler"?

    Excellent Docu-series in it's second season. http://www.history.ca/hunting-hitler/
  14. the 48th regulator

    The Curse of Oak Island

    Good old RCR Veteran, Kel Hancock appears on various episodes!! http://www.history.ca/the-curse-of-oak-island/
  15. the 48th regulator

    the 48th regulator ====> John Tescione

    Time to shed the yoke of my alter ego.
  16. the 48th regulator

    FS - Complete Nike Golf Clubs Right Handed Set $600 or OBO

    So the New Year is upon us, and I decide to get into a new hobby.  The choices are Hunting or Motor Cycles.  No problem, pick one first and then the other will follow. Well folks, you see, it don't work  that way. Mama says that she don't like me spending money that way, don't make her Happy...
  17. the 48th regulator

    MOVED: Which army would you march with?

    This topic has been moved to Radio Chatter. http://Forums.Army.ca/forums/threads/109033.0
  18. the 48th regulator

    Milnet.ca Rod and Gun Club

      A place to share Advice, stories, pictures, Videos, and anything associated with Angling and Hunting. dileas tess
  19. the 48th regulator

    Military Minds - A unique insight into the lives of soldiers with PTSD.

    "I decided to take my experience with PTSD and put it forward to educate others and help those who are like me. Visit us here often to get a unique insight into the lives of soldiers with PTSD. My hope is to raise funds through sales of Military Minds apparel as well as donations to help those...