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    RCA Mess Kit specifications

    OK, so I'm looking at the possibility of getting a mess kit from another trade, so I'm looking for the mess kit specifications that are specific to the Artillery, in order to see what alterations need to be done to it (and if it's actually worth doing). So far internet research has been without...

    The Artillery Toast

    I've heard a slightly different version: "May our shots be true & timely And our observations keen; May our barks roll out like thunder In the name of home & Queen; May all the ranks of tanks & bayonets Take heed of the power of the guns; For of all the Lords of battle, WE are the chosen...

    30th unit

    The very same. I am in the midst of writing a WW2 biography of the Bytown Gunners (2nd Field BTY, 51st Anti-Tank BTY, 1st Light Anti-Aircraft BTY, and 25th Light Anti-Aircraft BTY). Stay tuned... I will be posting it in the near future cheers John

    30th unit

    30th Field RCA (particularly 2nd Battery) traces it's roots to 1855 when it was formed as the "2nd Volunteer Militia Field Battery of Ottawa" I am also a proud member  ;D cheers John

    Chances at getting into ROTP?

    Hopeful, You sound like a good candidate, I can't see you having any major problems (unless you have flat feed or any major health concerns) I won't necessarily tell you to join as an Artillery Officer (I am obviously biased  ;) ) but I would recommend you go visit Officers in different trades...

    List of PO's from Phase 2 Infantry (CAP - Common Army Phase)

    Can anyone find out what the list of PO's are for COMMON ARMY PHASE? I've looked everywhere, and the Ops WO at my unit was unable to find two of them: The course code is AIOX and the PO's are: - PO117 - PO118 All I need is to find the TITLE of these PO's (ie. What they consist of, for example...

    The Canadian Commando Course

    Jungle, I like how you think. The concept of bringing our Army to a higher standard of physical fitness and combat readiness is brilliant, and something we should strive for. cheers John

    Arty Sites-[Please Add]

    A good read about the life of US Marine Gunners: http://usmilitary.about.com/cs/marines/a/artillery.htm cheers! John

    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    yeah seriously... What a sh*thole!  >:( I hated Gagetown for the few months I was there, the atmoshpere over there is terrible. Morale is low and the mood is glum. It's almost as bad as NDHQ! I hope I don't ever have to go back there, it's the worst base I've been to (compared  to Kingston...