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  1. Duckman54

    Recruiting Office Tour?

    Hi all...  I've applied to CF as DEO Pilot (yes, couple back-up trades listed, but we're going for gold here!). Application all sent in to Virtual center, told it's been txfr'd to Vancouver recruiting center, and been contacted by a Recruiter there to confirm this. I'm up north, nowhere near...
  2. Duckman54


    Read a few posts in here, and a couple of Blogs floating about out there that SUGGEST - but don't say definitively - that it MAY be possible to progress through the Pilot training steps a little faster... For example, after BMOQ, I've heard that *IF* "proficient" en francais, it's possible to...
  3. Duckman54

    Aircrew (Re)Selection

    Sorry to repeat same question...  but mine MAY be a li'l different. Way back in '96, fresh outta university, I applied for Aircrew via DEO  (yes, they had that way back when...).  Did all the testing, CFAT, panel interview, medical, opto, yadda-yadda...  was all enrolled, clearly recall the...