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  1. reccecrewman

    RCD member swims Northumberland Strait for his Dad

    Everyone loves a good inspirational story! BZ Cpl. Davidson! http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/man-completes-16-hour-swim-from-new-brunswick-to-pei-and-back/article20185171/
  2. reccecrewman

    RCD Model Decals

    Wasn't sure exactly where I should put this query, but Mil History seemed appropriate.  I build scale models as a hobby and am nearing completion of a Staghound Mk. I vehicle.  The model came with markings for numerous British Regiments, and the XII Manitoba Dragoons. I have searched every model...
  3. reccecrewman

    Red Zone of files [Merged]

    FYI - This is a new policy change by VAC effective 8 August 2014.  Still serving members will no longer be able to go to VAC District Officers or call the NCCN number and request that their pension app be red zoned due to financial distress.  The adjudicators handling red zone files have become...
  4. reccecrewman

    SOLD OUT (under New Vets Charter)

    I am writing to try and get more awareness out there regarding the VAC Disability Award system that was brought in with the New Veterans Charter of 2006.  This was touted by the Government as a better system than the old monthly pension system that has been around for over 50 years.  Native...
  5. reccecrewman

    Q Ray

    I tried searching and came up empty here; I've been searching for something "official" that allows for wearing of the Q-Ray bracelets in uniform. Does any such pub exist? Aside from seeing countless troops wearing them, including MWO-CWO ranks, I've found nothing concrete. It would be nice to...
  6. reccecrewman

    Accoutrement Confusion

    I just found out earlier this week I got my OT to RMS Clk. Not wanting to show up at Borden with the wrong accoutrements, I checked the CFSAL kitshop and found the needed DEU accoutrements. For $28.00 plus applicable taxes, I can get my LOG collardogs & DEU shoulder titles from the CFSAL...
  7. reccecrewman

    Model Decals

    Hi, Can anybody point me in the right direction for model decals? Please don't say Maple Leaf Models as everytime I try to go to that site, it's always down for some reason or other. Does anyone know of any company that manufactures decals or stickers for Canadian 1:35 military vehicles? WWII or...
  8. reccecrewman

    105mm Wooden Round

    Can anybody help put me in touch with someone that can make or sell me a wooden projectile for a 105mm tank round? Appreciate any information I can get.
  9. reccecrewman

    An Army IS a war machine

    I didn't want to put this into a condolence page as it just isn't the right place. However, at the end of the CANWEST news story on our 3 more fallen in Afghanistan, they had Sgt. Leger's mother on the news as well. I'm sure ol Jack Layton was liking what she had to say, but that was NOT the...
  10. reccecrewman

    Why does Haig get the shaft?

    I realise that this is a thread on Canadian Military history, however, due to our close historical ties with Britain and specifically with respects to our involvement in the first world war, I figured I'd toss this out there.....I recently finished reading a book on yet another of many books I...
  11. reccecrewman

    Beware What You Post on Public Forums

    Goodday all, it has been sometime since I have posted.... I tend to read lots and post little as I only like to post when I feel I have something worth saying. Today is just such a day! This falls into a bit of a sermon so please bear with me. I was browsing Facebook today and came across...
  12. reccecrewman


    I read this is today's Ottawa Sun.......... Absolutely sickening that thieves would stoop to this level. Story by Jon Willing SUN MEDIA
  13. reccecrewman

    PAT leave & Pension

    I ran a search on this and came up empty........... I am currently on PATA leave. When I go back to work, the lady at the PATA office told me that I would have to buy back my pension time when I return to work.......  I have a question on this. When I do return to work, are they going to nail...
  14. reccecrewman

    WARNING - Pondscum Poser(s) are Defiling Our Fallen's Graves

    I hope you are not in a particularly bright mood right now, because you're about to mad......... very mad.  Furious even.  There's a poser or posers out there who are defiling (figuratively) one of our fallen's graves.  What he is doing is trying to scam innocent people out of their money by...
  15. reccecrewman

    Army Responsible for Violent Crime

    Wow!  I've seen and heard some crazy stuff in my years, but today's evening news took the cake.  I just don't understand that there are people out there that actually believe this kind of drivel.  The A Channel in Ottawa was running a story on the violent crime the city has been experiencing as...
  16. reccecrewman

    Where's the B Vehicles?

    A bit of rant is about to start here - RHQ had a PWT 1&2 range today in the Petawawa training area.  We were finished shooting & ready to leave around 1430.  When the RSO called for our bus to come out and pick us up, we were told we'd have to wait a few hours because the bus that brought us out...
  17. reccecrewman

    WWII Bomber pilot gets 1.1M award settlement

    Cliff Winsell, a Second World War Lancaster bomber pilot has been awarded a 1.1 million dollar payment from DND.  He retired in 1961 and was denied a full pension, and has been appealing it since that time.  An ombudsman looked into his case and decided that he had been unfairly rejected and Mr...
  18. reccecrewman

    Kuwait Medal of Liberation available

    I did a search on this first and found nothing, so I thought I'd post this as an FYI to those who qualify; CANFORGEN 076/06 CMP 034 260917Z Apr 06         Soldiers who were issued the Canadian Gulf & Kuwait Medal and/or the UNIKOM Medal are now eligible to receive the Kuwait Medal of...
  19. reccecrewman

    The Regimental System vs. A System of Regiments; split from Re: The Somme

    This is fantastic - the most enjoyable thread I've ever seen.  While yes, the Canadian contingent was a collection of numbered Battalions, they Regimental system was still present.  There were several Battalions that drew the bulk of their strength from Militia Units and men were for the most...
  20. reccecrewman

    New Armoured Recruiting Videos

    Wow! The Corps finally has an up to date video on it's recruiting page at dnd.ca.  The old one that had been there for years was of an 8CH guy extolling the virtues of the C1 and postings to Germany.  ;D  The new ones for NCM and Officer were very well done - good layout and flow.  I did find it...