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  1. BernDawg

    Leap Year

    So, as I sit here adjusting my watch, I am curious about something. How many watches out there accounted for the leap year and read Feb 29th today not Mar 1st?
  2. BernDawg

    "It's a Bomb!"

    Ok, I found this while surfing the news and I thought the paragraph below is rather amusing. “They said ‘What do you mean you’ve found an unexploded ordnance? What does that mean exactly?’ And I said, ‘A bomb.’ The police were here within 20 minutes at the most and got right down to business.”...
  3. BernDawg

    Portraits of Honour Visits Comox Valley

    I rec'd this at work and thought I should pass it along to members here - PORTRAITS OF HONOUR TOUR & 7TH BOOK OF REMEMBERANCE COMING TO COMOX ON SUNDAY 17 JULY A welcoming ceremony for the mural depicting all 156 CF members killed in Afghanistan will be held at Marina Park in Comox at...
  4. BernDawg

    Canadian soldiers walk away from car crash that killed Italian pilot

    Just found this on-line.  http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/05/25/canadian-soldiers-walk-away-from-crash-that-killed-italian-pilot/ Canadian soldiers walk away from car crash that killed Italian pilot OTTAWA — Two Canadian soldiers in Italy were under medical observation Wednesday after they...
  5. BernDawg

    RIP Macho Man..

    Just picked this up online. Randy, Macho Man, Savage has died in a car accident. http://ca.eonline.com/uberblog/b243080_randy_macho_man_savage_killed_in_car.html?utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=imdb_tv-movies It appears that he suffered a heart attack behind the wheel and...
  6. BernDawg

    New Canadian, election article

    I stumbled on this as I was surfing the news today and I just can't believe this guy.  I'll let you decide how to react, his email is at the bottom of the article. I am disgusted to be a new Canadian. Although I felt considerable satisfaction when I cast my ballot Monday for the first time...
  7. BernDawg

    Lookit what we found!!

    This is from our internal news letter but is public knowledge. Pretty fascinating if you ask me. After they got the tank out of the way (see April 8 edition of Friday Report), the crew working on the initial stages of the upgrade of the Halifax Armoury uncovered four cannons. Work with the...
  8. BernDawg

    CFSME, NBC Reference

    I'm looking for some input from the Construction Engineer community here.  We've all been to the School and heard the bit about how we use the NBC (National Building Code) on Federal land and the Provincial Codes are only secondary or not used at all. I'm looking for an actual, written reference...
  9. BernDawg

    911 Response, WTF??

    Calgary couple loses faith in 911 Break-and-enter victims wait 5 hours for help By Katie SCHNEIDER, QMI Agency http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Crime/2010/07/25/14819636.html They should have told the operator they had a gun and were going to look for the intruder.  I bet the night shift...
  10. BernDawg

    Dennis Hopper. The end of an era.

    Actor Dennis Hopper, best known for directing and starring in the 1969 cult classic Easy Rider, died Saturday from complications of prostate cancer, a friend told Reuters. Hopper was 74. RIP Easy Rider....
  11. BernDawg

    You know you live in BC when.....

    ... You go to your daughters Remembrance day assembly rehearsal and they give John Lennon 5 minutes and don't even mention the peace keeper that the school is named after!!! No shit.  We just got home and I still can't believe it.
  12. BernDawg

    Latest Foot found off the Shores of BC seems to be a Hoax.

    Check out this article about the severed feet that have been washing up around the BC coast.  6 so far and it's gettin' close to home now too.  Makes you wonder. http://www.canada.com/topics/news/story.html?id=a28ae8e0-5221-400a-b63a-db13f3c7d49e
  13. BernDawg

    Another Quiet Hero

    To find this article on today of all days.  God Speed Sir.  :salute: F.F. LANGAN  Special to The Globe and Mail Don Doner's war lasted just one day - D-Day, June 6, 1944.   The night before, he boarded a ship in Southampton on the southern coast of England. It was pitch dark, but he and the...
  14. BernDawg

    Winnipeg Air Port - YWG - Lounge Avail

    Just received over the AF email net.  Sounds like a primo opportunity to me. Canadian Forces and their families can now use the travel lounge by Palliser in Richardson International Airport free of charge as part of a special pilot project to support troops as they travel. Col. Gary Solar said...
  15. BernDawg

    Mount Everest climber Sir Edmund Hillary dead at 88

    http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/2008/01/10/hillary-obit.html RIP Sir. :salute:
  16. BernDawg

    Primary Air Environmental Qualification (PAEQ)

    Dors anyone else here have to suffer through this thing?  :P
  17. BernDawg

    Christie Does it Again.

    An interesting read. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20071026.wchristie_excerpt27/BNStory/National/columnists Christie, as usual, has captured the spirit of the CF and our members.
  18. BernDawg

    DNR Order

    Hey Gang:     I have a question for the med community on the site.  I was asked, while instructing first aid, whether the MO (or CFMS) would honour a Do Not Resuscitate order for an individual specifically during a deployment.  I suggested that the medic on site wouldn't have time to bother...
  19. BernDawg

    Good on ya Granny!

    Pulled this off the DIN from the Gleaner back East. Dora Rae has wings. They're a gift from Gen. Rick Hillier, chief of national defence staff, who thought the city nursing home resident deserved them after she parasailed Aug. 1 in the Kawartha Lakes. It was the ride of her life, Rae said...
  20. BernDawg

    I-POD Saves Soldier??

    Any one else seen this yet? Baghdad (Iraq) - According to a picture posted on Flickr, one lucky U.S. Army soldier was saved by his iPod after the music player took a bullet from an AK-47. Kevin Garrad with the 3rd Infantry Division was patrolling the streets of Iraq when he rounded a corner...