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  1. OYR_Pilot

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    I don't know if it's the same date for civilian recruitment, but my PSO told me this week that the next selection for Pilot (VOT/COT selection) will be mid-September.
  2. OYR_Pilot

    Any review/comments on Lowa Elite Jungle boot?

    I will be doing 2 infantry training in Gagetown from May to November this year and would like to buy a good pair of boots. What I am looking for is a strong support, durability (I will be in the field approximately 80 days over that period), and a breathable boot that will dry quickly. Does...
  3. OYR_Pilot

    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    I heard that they changed the selection tests since I did it in January 2013. If I had to give it a second try, would I still need to get my private liscence before or it is not necessary anymore with the new test?
  4. OYR_Pilot

    QMBO du 13 mai 2013 (Peloton 0015F)

    L'application Runkeeper sur mon cellulaire, il est disponible sur iPhone et Android
  5. OYR_Pilot

    French language "rights"?

    Currently in Quebec, one of the parents must have studied in English to send their kids to an English school, and the current government (Parti Québécois) wants to change the laws to make it even harder to send children in English school in Quebec. This in my opinion violate our rights as...
  6. OYR_Pilot

    QMBO du 13 mai 2013 (Peloton 0015F)

    Je cours beaucoup, 4-5 fois par semaine et je varie mon type de course pour travailler différemment: 1x par semaine je vais faire un ''sprint'' de 2.4km, 2x par semaine des courses de 6.5km avec beaucoup de dénivelé et 1 ou 2 fois par semaine une longue course entre 10-13km. Je vais m'entraîner...
  7. OYR_Pilot

    QMBO du 13 mai 2013 (Peloton 0015F)

    @Kryminal : Oui c'est ce que je me suis fait dire aussi! Ça fait des mois que je m'entraîne presque à temps plein donc j'ai des bonnes chances de mon côté, mais ce sont peut-être plus les blessures ou l'aspect mental (fatigue) qui risquent de me nuire. Ça fait des années que j'ai de bonnes nuits...
  8. OYR_Pilot

    QMBO du 13 mai 2013 (Peloton 0015F)

    Merci! Pour ma part je vais essayer de ''m'amuser'' à St-Jean, en préparation pour mes phases 2-3-4 à Gagetown!
  9. OYR_Pilot

    QMBO du 13 mai 2013 (Peloton 0015F)

    Moins de 3 semaines avant de commencer! Il y a quelques personnes qui m'ont écrit en privé, tous du très bon monde alors s'il y en a d'autres gênez-vous pas!!
  10. OYR_Pilot

    Length of a Contract

    Here is a link showing the VIE for each trade : http://army.ca/wiki/index.php/MOSID_and_MOC
  11. OYR_Pilot

    Final Interview

    The answer they will give you right after the interview is whether or not you can be merit listed, and if you are competitive. They will also inform you that being merit listed doesn't guaranty you an offer in the future. You can ask them if they have the next selection dates for your trades so...
  12. OYR_Pilot

    Questions Médicales

    Rassure toi, l'âge n'est pas un facteur discriminatoire pour un emploi dans les Forces. Il y a des personnes dans la cinquantaine qui reçoivent des offres d'emploi! Concernant tes chances de recevoir une offre d'emploi, c'est toujours dur à dire. Ce sera toujours en fonction du nombre...
  13. OYR_Pilot

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    I think this is a fake account from what I saw on another thread, so the info he stated is BS. Concerning next BMOQ for DEO, you have the dates on the CFLRS site: http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/menu/cfc-ecc/dc-cd/index-eng.asp * DEO are the platoons beginning with an ''L''
  14. OYR_Pilot

    DEO 2013 financial year

    When I got my offer for Inf O, my recruiter told me we were only 3 who got an offer for that trade on the Feb selection, so probably (nothing official, but based on the numbers given in this thread of spots available in 2013) more selections to come this year for Inf O.
  15. OYR_Pilot

    Vie privée pendant le programme d'enrolement direct en qualité d'officier

    Partager l'unité avec les autres élève-officier est important pour bâtir un bon esprit d'équipe, le partage de tâches et le respect d'un environnement commun!
  16. OYR_Pilot

    Picking your trade

    Why would you apply for a trade and turn down an offer once you get the call? Gather a lot of info on the trades that might interest you (this site is a good starting point), analyze all this and then apply ONLY for the trades you really want. Remember that there is no obligation to put 3...
  17. OYR_Pilot

    Second Language Training

    SLT may takes from 2 to 9 months, depending on your actual level in your second language. Does it seem possible to do a commercial licence at the same time? I saw on a blog from a CF Pilot that SLT is like a regular full time job, 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. Here is the link, it will gives you...
  18. OYR_Pilot

    April 27th BMOQ

    All the infos are on the CFLRS site: http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/menu/ps/off/index-eng.asp                                                 &    http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/menu/ps/off/es-wt-15/index-eng.asp And this is the ''Candidate information booklet'' ...
  19. OYR_Pilot

    QMBO du 13 mai 2013 (Peloton 0015F)

    Bonjour à tous, Je prends une chance car j'ai constaté que les recrues francophones comme officiers sont plutôt rare sur le site, mais je voulais savoir s'il y avait des membres ici qui allaient être dans mon peloton (0015F) à St-Jean le 13 mai prochain pour la qualification militaire de base...
  20. OYR_Pilot

    be prepared.

    This is why TEAMWORK is essential in the CF. Instead of freaking out and thinking about mom and dad at home, you guys should stay together, the strong ones helping the weaker ones, especially mentally. Hundreds of CF members go through basic training each year, stay positive and work as a team!