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  1. Gun Shy

    Shilo - Trig Points and OPs

    The new Trig Bailey is not the same location as the old Trig Bailey.  The original Trig Bailey was at Nan OP which is Northeast of King OP.
  2. Gun Shy

    Word association (just for fun)

  3. Gun Shy

    Good ROF, bad drill

    the great renown midget!!
  4. Gun Shy

    Good ROF, bad drill

    Obviously, you lack experience  and knowledge, to justify that these should be acceptable operating procedures.
  5. Gun Shy

    RCA in newfoundland

    During the Second World War.  Royal Canadian Artillery units were sent to Newfoundland to defend much the same as Halifax and Saint John NB and other locations throughout Atlantic Canada.  They wore the Moose head were worn on the sleeve of the Newfoundland field force.
  6. Gun Shy

    Arty Question

    This is an example of transitional ballistics of the gases coming out of the barrel and burning when mixed with air, same effect as during daylight but a lot less noticeable.
  7. Gun Shy

    Decompression in Cyprus - various aspects, updates (merged)

    Canadian soldier arrested in Cyprus Canwest News Service Published: Saturday, September 20, 2008 PAPHOS, Cyprus -- A 25-year-old Canadian soldier has been arrested in the Mediterranean country of Cyprus after allegedly threatening a taxi cab driver with a knife, Cypriot police said Saturday...
  8. Gun Shy

    Arty DP1.2 Field Offr crse in Pet or Gagetown?

    February 09.
  9. Gun Shy

    Arty DP1.2 Field Offr crse in Pet or Gagetown?

    DP 1.2 will be a double serial run in Gagetown. DP 1.1 will  be run in Shilo and Petawawa
  10. Gun Shy

    PPP for M-109 reset.

    Last year the US cranked up a new production run for light guns, it seems even the US is still in the picture with light arty and they are currently researching new arty ammo for both 105 and 155.
  11. Gun Shy

    Anyone know the dates for Arty DP 1.1 summer 07?

    Summer Courses start on the 28th of May.
  12. Gun Shy

    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    The American artillery has neglected their M109A6's throughout the last several years, they are planning on upgrading their existing M109A6 to an improved M109A7 and can forsee using this platform for another 30 years. The NLOS-C will not replace all existing paladins.
  13. Gun Shy

    Anyone know the dates for Arty DP 1.1 summer 07?

    starts approximately around may 30th.
  14. Gun Shy

    Canadian Press: Canadian Artillery obsolete and inaccurate

    Most of our current LG-1's are not fit for service due to excessive wear on the barrels  firing heer rounds.
  15. Gun Shy

    wanted CF Army Forage in good condition

    Thnaks GEo fro the info.
  16. Gun Shy

    wanted CF Army Forage in good condition

    I would like to buy a CF Army Forage Cap in good condition in size from 7 1/4 to 7 1/2.
  17. Gun Shy


    The CLS was in CFB Gagetown Last month and stated to the Arty Officer's DP1.2 that Canada wanted to purchase the M777 and Excalibur and to have it available for use by Jan 06. I think that this is more than a rumour.
  18. Gun Shy

    The Agent Orange and Its Repercussions Thread

    In the 80'S A Team of civilians came to the base, to do test on known buried 45 gallon drums. There were soldiers from various schools tasked to dig up the barrels. Some of theses barrels were filled partially to fully filled with some unknown liquid[/b]..  The civilain team drew samples from...
  19. Gun Shy

    St Jean, needs changes?

    In the late 80's and early 's Cornwallis was much of the same. Weapons Cadre filled with instructors that could or should be near troops as a section commander. For Instance a Steward teaching periods of Weapon. When it was time to go on the Range, several soldiers in a platoon of 100 men were...