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    Waiting Game

    Agreed. My uncle is a retired CWO, and is very against the idea of my joining based on his perception of my behaviour, but the thing is, the rules by which I operate social obligations with my family are extremely different from the rules in which I operate professionally, so he's only really...
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    Waiting Game

    Having reviewed the letter I received outlining the reasons for my medical disqualification, I've come to the conclusion that the smartest thing for me to do is to seek employment elsewhere for the time being, and after a suitable amount of time has passed, reapply. I got the letter in Jan 2019...
  3. Xylric

    October Crisis: 50 years on

    I wouldn't be born for another 14 years, but I remember my grandfather discussing where he was when it was going on.
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    US Presidential Election 2020

    It's a game he's better off not playing, in my opinion. If he says no, he confirms the worst fears of his opponents. If he says yes, they will assume he's lying anyway. So not saying anything is his best option.
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    RBG dead at 87

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but the weekends don't count on this, do they? Probably closer to essentially half that in working days.
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    What book are you reading now?

    Currently reading the graduate thesis of my cousin, so that I may understand and properly edit her dissertation.
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    The US Presidency 2020

    A friend in the US posted on Facebook asking how people were planning to vote. It was a fairly interesting cross section of responses, until one got to mine. Without clarifying that I am Canadian, I responded that I was praying not to have one this year. Those who know I am Canadian were...
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    Racism in Canada (split from A Deeply Fractured US)

    I have never used that word, but that didn't stop me from being given a serious black eye because a classmate claimed that I had called someone that term. The school I went to was very, very prompt at dealing with bullying when it involved minority students, but it took my parents bringing the...
  9. Xylric

    US Presidential Election 2020

    Papa *claimed* to have met Hoffa, but we did not believe him - he survived resigning from the union leadership, after all.
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    The question is, if America implodes, will the world be better off in the long run, or would it signify the long twilight of modern civilization? I think, a little of both,
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Indeed. When you look at the reasons why people join cults, nearly all of those reasons exist in the rise to power of the Nazis - but the biggest reason in my mind is that the social cohesion of being part of "the Party" directly answered the fear of the chaos that the post-war Weimar Republic...
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    US Presidential Election 2020

    My grandfather used to be the local head of his union back when my father was a kid (late 50s, early 60s, possibly into the early 70s). They had more than a few bricks thrown through their windows (and in one or two memorable occasions, a bullet). I was told that he had once had members of...
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    A very good answer! That would tell me that your "deity" (as much as anything could be considered one) is your certainty in the validity of your perceptions. Which is probably the most useful one to have absent the Big Ones (IE, organized religious belief). Probably much harder to misuse! What...
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    A Deeply Fractured US

    Dude, don't tempt me with an unspoken open-ended question like that one! I can give a fairly simple overview about the interplay between culture and religion, but what you're looking at would take three doctorates and a few million in "donations" to a university! I kid, of course. I've...
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    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    I've been reading the book The Great Mortality on the Black Plague of the 14th century, and found more than a few unsettling parallels between then and now. The most prominent being the tendency of the politicians to be slow in responding to the crisis as it related to "undesirables." Much...