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    VAC in the News

    Also, wrt the standard government health care plan, the $$ amounts covered for psychologists/physio/osteo etc. etc. run out pretty quick. If your injuries are not yet "pensioned" by the time of your release, then you will be paying out of pocket for everything not covered by provincial health...
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    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    Agreed. If there is anyone in the procurement stream that doesn't realize that spending $75K, at any time of the year, is going to take a great deal more time/planning than spending $3k, they need to be a bit more aware. I've spent $500K, sole-source, within 4 weeks (in Feb). I've also had...
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    Canadian Military/Defence procurement process (Mega Thread)

    The SOR is fairly straightforward honestly. I don't know a boat /ship/hole in the ground from any other, but I know how to write specs, and these ones are pretty clear. A few of the questions from potential bidders are good, but as always, some are being a bit...dickish lol (generally due to...
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    The Khadr Thread

    When a group of Iraqi bureaucrats came to Canada to examine our federal system (2007?), they were absolutely baffled that the Bloc were a federally funded political party (and that the military really does listen to the politicians). They were amazed at how our constitution was applied, across...
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    The Khadr Thread

    I'm tending to agree with you. We have a long tradition of letting convicted drug smugglers rot away in SEA countries, I don't see where being convicted of any other serious crime would be any different .... as long as those crimes are processed through a judicial/law structure set down by a...
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    The Khadr Thread

    There was some talk, can't find it now, where I believe it was a government spokesperson was trying to explain how his actions in A'stan had nothing to do with the actions/inaction of the Canadian government and her agents afterwards, which is what the settlement is about. Time to get my...
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    The Khadr Thread

    Agreed. $10-20-30M is nothing in the world of government finance. That kind of money is gone in a blink of an eye in the federal world. Don't get me wrong, that's a lot of cash for an individual, but for a government, it's nothing. With the proper written SOW, I can spend well over a million in...
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    The Khadr Thread

    It's not so much the payout that bothers me, or some of the recent opinion pieces coming out stating opposition/support of said payout... What bothers me is some of the language used, repeatedly, when this was announced. It was the right thing to do....oh and we saved a metric-buttload of money...
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    Logistics Officer - Sea [Merged]

    CPA is definitely worth looking into, particularly if you like the project management side of the house. If you have looked after a decent sized budget, you'll probably have most of the math you'll ever need. Wookilar and calculus do not mix well, especially when there are math jokes thrown in...
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    VAC Return to Lifetime Pensions Discussion

    I just had a quite lengthy conversation last week about this issue. The discussion began with my concerns about how the current government is deciding to deal with certain lawsuits (wrt to which ones to settle and which ones to fight) and developed into many things VAC & 3B release. I...
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    Parent: "New, long-term defence policy reflects the reality of Canada today"

    While I feel for you, and share your experience by the way, adjudication is strictly a VAC issue and is not part of this program. Adjudication has been screwed for years (my first experience being in 2001) and it isn't looking any better now. Just received a favourable finding from a VRAB...
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    Logistics Officer - Sea [Merged]

    And, as an RMC grad myself, good gravy, why would any Log O want an MBA from RMC? Not this oneĀ  [:D If you want to stay in the PLog world when you are out, I sincerely recommend that you examine the aspects of the Log world that really interest you and find an MBA program that builds on those...
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    Earning Loss Benefit ( ELB )

    Quick update: everyone getting ELB will want to fill outĀ  Revenue Canada TD1 form. The income tax being deducted is only using the ELB amount NOT your total income (even though they have that info to figure out ELB...). If you don't fix it now, you will be screwed tax time next year. I'm going...
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    UNITE THE FIGHT- Canadian Veterans

    I see a few of their members are people I have respect for, so....request sent. We'll see.
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    Earning Loss Benefit ( ELB )

    I agree; I've had the same experience. The only question I have, which has not been answered yet by VAC, is: The information on My VAC Account says that I have about $40 deductions....soooo, no income tax? Is this not taxable? Seems to me it should be, but I am not an income/non-income expert.