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    Geomatics Technician (merged)

    Hello all, For current Geo's, what type of work do you have on the day-to-day? Civvie side I enjoy working with things like photogrammetry, drone photography, and elevation capturing (DEM,DSM). Are these things possible with geo's or is that more of a surveyor?
  2. Viam

    Anxiety/OCD/meds (merged)

    Hello all, I tried searching for "General Anxiety Disorder" on the site as well as google, but I only found examples of people who took medication such as Valium and Xanax either during or prior to their medical. I was diagnosed with GAD around 7 years ago after a small panic attack in Grade 3...
  3. Viam

    Don't know how to explain to my parents of my career choice

    I was sort of in the same boat with my family. While not as extreme as yours, they had perceived the military as where all the dropouts go and do "grunt" work. What I had personally done, was bring them with me to a recruiter as well as speaking with them one on one as to how the military can...
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    What to follow?

    Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.armytest.cfat Iphone - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/cfat-trainer-canadian-forces/id958909452?mt=8 I personally do the small scale tests and I believe they've helped loads. Best of luck on your application!
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    Reserve Service Dress Uniform (aka "DEU") Issue

    Thanks for the response! I was searching with the wrong keywords it seems, thanks again for the information.
  6. Viam

    Reserve Service Dress Uniform (aka "DEU") Issue

    Good day, I'm just curious as to when I'd be able to obtain the CAF uniform once I've been accepted to a unit. Thank you, Viam.
  7. Viam

    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    Thank you very much for your resources. Please pardon my ignorance for the inability to find these articles myself.
  8. Viam

    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    Hello all, when applying to the RMC under ROTP, do they expect competent French when applying, or merely having the skills for a language test when you graduate? Thank you for reading, Viam.
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    Arma 3 - Canadian Armed Forces Edition

    The Arma 3 CAF mod is quite good, however it's lack of updating is seen in some parts of the mod. However, the worst part of this seems to be the lack of servers or MilSim groups that support this mod.
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    Armor Warfare

    Sent requests to everyone who posted their username. For anyone that would like to add me my name is "Rhubarbs"
  11. Viam

    WoT or World of Tanks

    I've been playing the mobile version, and it seems like quite a bit of fun. Have any of you heard of the new tank MMO game "Armored Warfare"? It has the same mechanics of WoT but with modern day armour and artillery.
  12. Viam

    Joining the Canadian forces in the future, need help!

    Hello, I think that it's great that you're considering a military career so early in your life. However, you should also consider getting a tertiary education, as many vets who I've spoken to said education is a very important aspect for a civilian life. Also, CT's (Component Transfers) are on a...
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    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    One of my favourite songs right now is "Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven". Besides the music video, the lyrics and soundtrack are amazing.
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    Major problems with the online application!

    Hello, when I was applying they had said this in the email: "If the issues persist or the website is disabled please move on to Step 2. If you have already applied online please continue to Step 2." Step two was the full application package. I believe the best course of action is to call or...