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    Fallen Comrades (retired members)

    Don't know weather this is going into the correct spot- Capt Duncan MacMillan RCR. recently passed at age 66. No further details as yet.
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    Question regarding service and return to civilian life

    Just picked up a rumor that 1000+ newbies are expected in CFB Borden soon. Cannot define soon or what the composition of this gang might be. Any ideas?
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    What book are you reading now?

    Muskokans Fight the Great War, J. Patrick Boyer. A well researched and presented historical recap of the First World War events in a specific geographic area of Canada. Illustrates, in microcosm, the trials and tribulations that were experienced across the country. Well illustrated and written...
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    PQ govt seems to have the opinion that the CF is a replacement (Free) for their past and ongoing omissions. IMO withdraw theseĀ  folks nlt 01 Jul, and send the province a bill for their wages etc. Do not pander to the provinces (Ontario included) through giving them more of MY tax dollars. Loans-...
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    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    I agree the recruiting base might widen somewhat , but does the system have the capability to access this, process a large intake and then train these folks. Seems to me that the system is strapped for manpower, both instructional and logistical, at present with our overseas commitments so...
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    Gathering Reservists in Borden

    I get the deployment of our few remaining trained medical pers to assist in PQ. I don't get why the tall foreheads in NDHQ would mass reservists (rumored at aprox 600) in austere conditions on haybox meals in the Cadet area in Blackdown CFB Borden. Social distancing may be a problem andalso...
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    Dead at 68: Christie Blatchford

    One of our most supportive and loyal reporters, RIP Christie.
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    Did PM Trudeau convert to Islam?

    A rumor gaining traction in the local coffee shops and other libation providing establishments is that Mr. Sunny Ways has converted to Islam. This, IMHO, is pure BS, but those proposing it are almost as rabid in defending it as a certain American and the place of birth issue, altho without a...
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    Fallen Comrades (retired members)

    Lt (N) (Ret) Charlene MacDonald Williams, RN passed away 06 Mar at LHSC London after a short but valiant fight with cancer. Cremation and interment has taken place IAW Char's wishes.
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    Canadian submariners leaving fleet for Down Under - iPolitics

    Oz, a gold standard, I think not. Friend, with whom I served with in the Middle East in 83/84, is still battling for the same medical entitlements I was granted on '02 in less than 7 mos. He has taken this to the ministerial level on several occasions but has yet to receive any positive results...
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    The Warrior Caste - Slate.com article

    Warrior caste? In Canada? Didn't feel as though I was a casteĀ  member, rather a member of a somewhat elite segment of society. Ignored usually by the mainstream until a crisis ( snow storms, ice storms, floods and apprehended uprisings) when interest peaked and soon waned or when the government...
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    The Khadr Thread

    Isn't "saving money by settling" a term used by BIG industry to defend the indefensible?
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    Islamic Terrorism in the West ( Mega thread)

    Altho not terrorism per se, what about the "black" grad ceremony at UofT today? Have not persons of color (not sure of the latest PC term) argued/fought/died for inclusion and equality in white society? Why, then, a separate ceremony beyond the stated "...to get more black students..." Where is...
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    Unveiling of New CANSOFCOM Dress Uniform

    Un f***ing real! (Sorry for the harsh terms, but...). New hardware purchases snafued, recruiting snarled and choked, attrition at an all time high (for many undiscussed reasons) and the tall foreheads in OW want/have more buttons and bows. Reality check please!