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    Dress During Final Release Appt

    god knows what I wore. All I remember is the CO's face when I replied to his "Please stop by if you're in the neighbourhood" with "Oh I'm sure I'll run out of batteries eventually haha"
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    Consideration for the Victoria Cross - Afghanistan

    Admission - My troop commander, at the end of tour, gave me his write up nominating me for the MSM. 7 pages. He gave it to me because he knew it wasn't going to go anywhere because, to quote an unnamed person 'He has already been recognised'. The recognition? CEFCOM Sergeant Major's Coin...
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    Consideration for the Victoria Cross - Afghanistan

    I've seen MSM's handed out for people literally doing their job. In fact you can pretty much say it's a check in the box for going past colonel (and AF/Navy equiv). Valour decorations - yes indeed, they are rare. Not so with the meritorious dec's.
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    Tiger Williams charged by MP's.

    Maybe a critical eye SHOULD be cast upon this program. I mean, what actual mission effects are enabled by Tiger Williams showing up on tour. Let's see some empirical evidence, hell, run a poll amongst deployed troops! I mean, they are only away 6-8 months anyways, I could see the point back in...
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    Tiger Williams charged by MP's.

    I made much the same point on FB. 12 years between Brit and Canuck armies, and during that time, not once during any number of overseas deployment did the appearance of some C-list, past-their-prime, trotting out offering up lame jokes and the random cheerleader squad courtesy of the USO...
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    Travis Wright - 2 CER

    Gents, last night one of our own was taken in a MVC in North Bay. He leaves behind a wife and 2 children. At this time, it appears it was due to a drunk driver. Please share the link out on the sapper net, and if you can, donate something...
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    Auditor General Suggests RMC Not Working

    Agreed. Case in point, myself. Joined the British Army at 21 with a smattering of Grade 11 credits (no grade 12). Someone noticed some potential during my initial training and recommended me for the Regular Commissions Board, I did the pre-board, and was placed on a 12 week Potential Officers...
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    Auditor General Suggests RMC Not Working

    My humble 2c...... I worked with a great deal of awesome officers during my short time in the CF, on par with any I worked with in the British Army (products of Sandhurst). And of course, some absolute duds. Was there a noticeable difference between RMC grads and non-RMC grads? Professionally...
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    Millennials leading increased Remembrance Day attendance

    I gave a 40min presentation to about 100 7/8 graders at the local school......As I was setting up, the teacher admits to me 'You know, when I tell them about Afghanistan I tell them about how it was peacekeeping'......me, thinking about the helmet cam video of a .50 firing from our rooftop OP...
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    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Was I the only one to notice he's wearing ankle socks in that picture?
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    Is my entire unit getting screwed for leave?

    I've been watching this thread with interest as a former ground pounder and now as someone who works the 24 hr shift. To be honest, I'm too baffled by the regulations quoted here to debate the meaning and intent of the CF Leave Manual, hell I rarely paid attention to it when I was in! But I...
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    A Failing of CAF Family Support

    He must be finishing his first tour as a troop/platoon commander ;)
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    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    Heyzeus H Chrisco..........there is being anal and then there is this. Maybe I was a terrible SNCO but to me, a prohibition was for something that would risk lives...and securing your poppy in the run up to remembrance day didn't exactly fit that category. As long as troops had one I was cool...
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    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    Hear hear. Rememberance Day for me is to remember, as I do every waking hour of each day, those who I last saw as a body bag on an angel flight, due to op tempo I couldn't go back for ramp ceremonies etc... That is it. I don't care about free meals, civvies buying me drinks in the pub, I don't...
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    Therapeutic Cannabis use

    I've watched the growth of MFT via a couple of buddies who partake in the herb. Anecdotally....I can't say I've seen tidal change in their PTSD, the weed seems to alleviate symptoms but those I know who are MFT clients are almost 100% now seemingly stuck in the 'broken vet-medical marijuana...