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    Shopping Center Explosion in Florida

    Senior citizens Gold Bond is exploding!!!!
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    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

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    PTSD treatment centers

    Hey Lee.... try some CBD oil.... its the bees knees.
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    Aldershot Kit List and Staff Living

    TJ's will have the Kiwi and Skin Mags.... thats all you need.
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    What's it like to drive a LAV?

    Just try the Short White Bus and lick the windows clean oh young one.... haha
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    A Logisticians Dream

    When 799 LSVW went up in flames... hahaha... RIP Gortext glove!
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    Wanted: "Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle (ULCV)"

    As long as its still made in Canada....
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    How good must you be in math for artillery?

    That's about it really..... I did my time in Gagetown... I got sooooooo much Agent Orange I still glow in the dark!!!!!!
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    KANDALIED The cat is done. I hope you like it. Kandahar Highway 2008-09 RCD Quick Reaction Force Leopard 2MA6 1:35 scale All gave some. Some gave all. TN2IC :cdn:
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    LF/WTB OTW shirt AR Cadpat M/L

    I got a brand new one L/XL size. Never used it in the sandbox. $75 including shipping. I accept PayPal. Fire me a PM and it's yours. Cheers, TN
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    World Of Warships

    I got the Japanese Chikuma right now. Pretty fun game. Can't wait to unlock an aircraft carrier. I want to try the Hosho when I unlock it. My user name is Tag_Your_It :D Cheers, Tom
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    World Of Warships

    I just downloaded the game tonight. I love it. Kind of wish they had the Royal Navy in it. Or have German u-boats. Cheers
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    RCD Model Decals

    Also try www.ultracast.ca
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    I was able to get my hands on the AFV Club 1:35 British Dorchester. I was wondering if anyone knew if the Canadians used them in WW2 also? If so, where can I find a few pictures with markings on it? Cheers, Tom
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    FS: 1/35 Huskies from Trumpeter

    Hey folks,                 I got quite a few brand new model kits for sale. Dixon Hobbies is my shop. Please feel free to take a look. If there is anything missing or you would like to see. Or even a flaw on my site, please let me know. Cheers Tom