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    How often will I get relocated if I have a family?

    Hi my boyfriend has applied for a voluntary change of trade and I’m applying for nursing school. I wanted to know if there are certain trades that are less dangerous, have more bases throughout the country, are more in demand, and will make you relocate less frequently?
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    Questions for a possible future infantry officer wife

    Thank you! I was wondering if you knew about the usual hours of work when the training is done. Because of training he has been working at irregular hours but I was wondering if once he is posted it will more like a 9-5 pm regular hours kind of work for the most part  :nod:
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    Questions for a possible future infantry officer wife

    Hello everyone, I really appreciate anyone who can answer my questions. He's an infantry lieutenant officer and he is almost done with training. It has been hard as he is gone most of the time. I really love him and I want this to work out but I need to be realistic too. So my questions for...