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    Jerry Amernic: The downfall of Canada’s military

    I have read some references to a "CAF Reconstituting Plan" promulgated by the CDS. That plan may address some of the concerns in this thread. Apparently the plan's focus is: prioritizing effort and resources on people, rebuilding strength while making necessary changes to CAF culture on...
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    One reason so many are quitting: We want control over our lives again

    Congratulations and best wishes for success!
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    If we went to war?

    I suggest the OP read up on Gulf War I (1990-1991). Specifically, the (approximately) 30 day interval between the announcement that three ships would deploy to the Gulf and the actual departure date. For those that were there, they were a mad and crazy 30 days.
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    Jerry Amernic: The downfall of Canada’s military

    Thank you G2G I was unaware of the back story to that photo. So just to be clear: (1) politicians should visit military bases to learn more about DND and (2) politicians should not visit military bases because they will be made to look foolish.
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    Jerry Amernic: The downfall of Canada’s military

    CBH99 makes some good points about politicians. I think one additional reason politicians don't like to visit military facilities is the fear of looking silly. Remember this? (Not to slag Mr Chretien, but just to point out that when you get into something you don't know anything about, it...
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    Jerry Amernic: The downfall of Canada’s military

    One of the barriers is NDHQ. Politicians hear about shortages at DND but see lots of people in uniform outside standing around smoking, shopping at the mall, going for a liquid lunch and then crowding onto the 3:00 pm bus from downtown to Orleans. That is what politicians see every day.
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    Honours to a Captain boarding an RN Warship

    I have thought about this some more (sorry for the drift). The way to NOT retain engineers in the Navy is to tell them ringing bells, blowing whistles and waving flags is more important than keeping the ship from sinking or catching fire.
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    Honours to a Captain boarding an RN Warship

    Note the above procedure for 'piping the side' applies when the CO walks onboard (i.e. from the jetty). I think there is a whole other kettle of worms when the CO arrives by boat or helicopter. Or if the CO of another ship arrives by boat or helicopter. As someone in the engineering...
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    Arbour Report - Recommendation #29: Future of Military Colleges

    I started this thread and am curious to see which way it might go. My two cents: 1. I was at RMC in the mid-80's when 'lady cadets' were first introduced. That was not particularly well done, especially if you have read Kate Armstong's book. The fact that forty years later many of those...
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    Arbour Report - Recommendation #29: Future of Military Colleges

    In the recent Arbour report, recommendation #29 is to evaluate the future of military colleges. Specifically: Recommendation #29: A combination of Defence Team members and external experts, led by an external education specialist, should conduct a detailed review of the benefits, disadvantages...
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    ‘Bike culture’ enjoys limited receptivity among Canadians

    I consider myself a dedicated cyclist. I live in an area where I can get where I need to most of the time in 15 minutes on a bicycle. I have cycled toured extensively in Canada, the US and Europe (Sweden, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland...
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    Civilians complaining about Police/Emergency Services' Pay

    Just to provide perspective (and in no way to denigrate the time off to which you are entitled as part of your employment) but that kind of thing is unheard of in private industry. Where I work (and I think is pretty standard in my industry of engineering, consulting and construction), new...
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    The Grand Strategic......or what do we do next?

    There are some simple facts that aren’t really controversial. There are two ways for a war to end: One way is for one side or the other to be basically destroyed. And the Russians are not going to be destroyed. So that means one way is for Ukraine to be destroyed. The other way is some...
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    New Dress Regs 🤣

    During Gulf War I, RCN ship's company were issued Tilley Hats. As regards to most-useless hat, I nominate the pillbox.