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    JohnnyBoy100's adventures learning it is illegal to purchase or sell issued kit

    So now you're saying that your friends dad gave his issued gas mask to him and he sold it to you. Well even though he is in the RCMP he can't just go and sell issued kit and I'm almost willing to bet that daddy dosn't know his son sold it . Either way you are still possession of stolen property
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    JohnnyBoy100's adventures learning it is illegal to purchase or sell issued kit

    Hmmmm lets see, you have admited on a public forum that you have bought a CF issued gas mask from a friend who is probably in the military and as far as i know you can't buy those on the street . So a lucky guss at what charge(s) you have admited to is possession of stolen property ( see the...
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    Driver Wheel Training (DWT) for ACISS

    Don't worry to much about not having any driving experience. I taught a few pers with little to no time behind the wheel, I actually kind of preferred them because they had no bad habits to break them of.  Just listen to your instrs and all will be good. have fun on the crse.
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    The "MOVE OVER" Law

    I agree the law and the fines that come with should be in place. And wasn't last week that 20 some people found out the hard way about the distracted driver law as they were caught  slowing down and taking photos of an accident on the 401. Could have been a heck of a lot worse of a situation.
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    What kind of Canadian are you? (Unscientific quiz)

    East Coaster. Funny that's where we want to be posted and finally retire out there.
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    Just need some advice, please!

    Best thing to do is get a good night sleep and LISTEN to the questions and think before you answer them.
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    Newbie/questions on specifics of the medical and fitness test

    I did a urine test when I joined the reserves 20 yrs ago. Funny thing I didn't do one when I flipped over to the regs 5 yrs ago.
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    PMV and Travel Limits While on TD

    You pretty muched guessed it right, also what ever GD tasks come up.
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    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    Yes CFHA does tend to drag their feet on somethings .... especially if it involves money. The CoC was going to get the PMeds to come in and do their tests because of that very reason and they were fedup with it , funny thing is when housing found out is when they moved very fast to rectify the...
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    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    Hi there. My family and I did do  move from PMQ to PMQ on the base we live at now. We had some health issues to and because they said it would cost more then their budget they would have to move us at their cost . But others on the base have had to move themselves when dealing with issues such...
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    3"50 from HMCS Fraser to be placed at HMCS Prevost in London, Ontario.

    Could aim it at the pedestrian bridge in front of the amouries ... probably make a few people do a double take.
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    ‘Can you spare a fine?’: RCMP ‘panhandlers’ ticket distracted B.C. drivers

    The camera thing sounds like  a good idea, not to sure how the police would take it if I was pulled over and saw the bumper sticker and cameras. And would it be rude to ask them to speak clearly into the mic
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    ‘Can you spare a fine?’: RCMP ‘panhandlers’ ticket distracted B.C. drivers

    I've seen it here with the MPs on the base I live on to. I almost had an MP drive straight into me after rolling through the stop sign. Only reason it was avoided  was because I saw her veh just keep rolling and she looked up after I hit my horn she was looking at her computer instead of the...
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    Mag Holder from KAF

    http://www.makosecurity.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=MTH&Category_Code=_FAB This is the one i have hope it helps
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    Mag Holder from KAF

    I have one of those mag holders. I will see if I can get a name for you I bought mine at the German Px in KIA kabul