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    Medical release vs retention?

    A Period of Retention (PoR) is only possible if you meet several conditions. First off, you must be employable within your Medical Employment Limitations (MEL). Typically, if you can work a standard 40 hour week in an office setting without breaching your MELs it opens the door to consider a...
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    Hospital ship for Canada

    So, essentially the same capacity as the plywood R3MMU in Kandahar. Only useful if you're not expecting more than a handful of casualties at any given time.
  3. Staff Weenie

    medical history

    It seems as if you are minimizing a very serious issue. None of what you are saying addresses the fact that you clearly indicated you were found NCR for an offence, and that you were 'liberated by the RBMD' after three years. As I mentioned earlier, NCR is very rarely successful as a defence...
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    A Hunting Thread- A Swerve from The Global Warming Thread

    I've gone out twice for a deer hunt, and never shot anything - even though one walked right in front of me. It just wasn't really my cup of tea. However, I've had no trouble with fishing for barracuda and marlin in Jamaica. Maybe I have a subconscious hierarchy, and I see mammals as above fish...
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    PRes - Promotion to Maj without AOC qual

    Are enough course serials offered each year to ensure this is a viable COA? For example, we don't use JCSP for HS Res, as there are only about two positions a year allocated to us. If it were a hard requirement, succession would grind to a halt.
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    PRes - Promotion to Maj without AOC qual

    If AOC is the only thing missing for substantive promotion, would an Acting While So Employed, or Acting/Lacking work to put you into the vacant Maj position? I believe AWSE can carry on indefinitely as long as you're in the Maj position, but A/L buys you two years to get the course done or...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Today's random thought - is Bakhmut becoming a modern day Verdun - a fight which consumes personnel and material at a frantic rate, over a site of lesser strategic importance, but growing national/emotional relevance? Falkenhayn wanted to bleed the French white, but instead locked his own forces...
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    medical history

    While there are a few on this site who know whether you are medically eligible or not, they cannot and will not provide definitive direction. It would be up to a Medical Officer to review your file. That said - you mentioned being found NCR in a trial - this is very serious issue. Here's a...
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    Contigency Cost Move Vs. Contigency Status

    A posting to the TC with a cost move may be a possibility. Our tipping point for postings usually occurs once a member starts a second TCat, they cannot be employed ~40 hours per week in a safe capacity, and the prognosis for return to full duties within the next six months is poor. Based upon...
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    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    The US wants nothing to do with Haiti based upon their previous invasions stabilization operations in Haiti, as well as their history of dealing non-white folks. They also keep floating the balloon that Canada should be lead the mission because we have people that can speak French. Though...
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    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    Haiti is a failed state, and will continue to be one for many years/decades to come. They have overpopulated the country and destroyed the ecosystem, let corruption run rampant, and failed to deliver on key aspects such as health care and education. It is a bottomless pit for foreign aid. I...
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    Favorite Issued Kit

    The waffle scarf!! One of my absolute favourites! Multi-functional and warm.
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    Queen's Platinum Jubilee

    Sidetrack - I can say with absolute certainty that there were casualties on KAF from the rockets, though only a few were Canadian (one was VSI). I carried the body of one who was killed, a civilian contractor, out of an ambulance. I saw a number of others who were wounded by rockets go though...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Dear God, have we figured out who's behind Vlad's evil plan? Has it been Baldric all this time? Very cunning!